Quote of the Week: Rich

You know, sometimes life gets so busy and we all get so consumed by our work and things that need to get done that we forget about life. Sure, life goes on without us, but in the meantime, what are we doing to enrich our lives and make them better?

There's the rat race. Work. Working all the time. Working day and night. Working on the weekends...but when you're sick, work won't take care of you. Your friends and family will. What is it that makes life "rich" and worthwhile?

I know. "Deep, Nami. What have you been reading?"

Actually, I've been reading The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm again...and it always reminds me about love. Real that takes work and the ultimate thing about love: Giving.

Not giving to receive. Not giving to sacrifice. Giving because it makes you happy. Giving because the act of giving is worthwhile.

So, I had to take a step back and look at my current life...I had to think about what I've been doing recently and something came to mind. Being given the opportunity to help Charlesband with his EDM project. Being given the opportunity to style the photoshoots, work on the photographs, help him build the website (which is look amazing, by the way...and I'll share it when the time comes.)

I didn't do it for money or recognition. I realized that I really enjoyed helping him with something because he has very little time to work on things outside of work-work. To see his face light up when I showed him another photograph that was finished or how the website was coming along really made me feel good. I love giving...and I realize I need to do more of it.

I'm being frank here. I feel like the capacity to give, in many ways, has a direct correlation to the amount of available time one has in their life. The phrase "I know I'm inconsiderate sometimes, but it's not because I don't care or don't love you. It's because I'm so overworked and stressed out" comes to mind. Yep. This is reality, people.

Life doesn't get any easier and I have plenty of inconsiderate moments too. Things I could've done that I didn't get around to because of time. Always time...I never forgot birthdays until my life got super-busy...Ya know, that kinda stuff. (I know. HORRIBLE!)

I'm coming to realize that I need to do more giving and make a real effort to do it...time or no time. I'm not making that an excuse anymore...because it's true. Life is richer and you are richer when you give.


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