I'm Enthusiastic About: Gravity!

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Ok, so I battled my allergies and made my way to the movies yesterday to see Gravity in 3D...I was already bracing myself since it's the culmination of all of my fears: the unknown, space, lack of oxygen, complete silence, asphyxiation, weightlessness...

Man, I've never been so stressed out watching a movie ever. It differs from horror movie stress which is where I crawl up into a ball, crush my movie-buddy's hand, or enjoy the near-heart attack ride over and over again.

No, this was different.

Mind you, if you look for them, there are plot holes, but I usually go into movies with no expectations...whatever the case, I ate half of my large popcorn within 10 or so minutes of the movie starting out of sheer anxiety (paying the price of a dry mouth which just enhances my anxiety) and spent the rest of the time clutching at my greasy napkin (and sweating through it very quickly) as I experienced one after another of my fears in quick succession.

There's one thing I can be sure of. I will never willingly go into space. If ever there comes a time that we all need to exit stage left from Earth, I'll be one of the last ones to go...I envision a scenario where I dramatically clutch at soil as soldiers drag me into a big astro-caravan, complaining that I'm holding things up. Charlesband calmly walking beside me as I kick and scream and have a tantrum. (Classy broad, I know.)

Now then, do I recommend going to see it? ABSOLUTELY.

I usually don't use this word because I feel like only jerks do...but I'll make an exception here. It was...tremendous. Visually stunning, well-cast, well-directed, all-encompassing...go see it in 3D (it's worth those painful dents those glasses leave on the bridge of your nose)...It was also TERRIFYING. (It's a T-word kind of movie.)

Will I see it again? No. It's likely impossible you can watch it again and experience it the same way. The level of WTF and OMG won't be as great since you'll know what's coming.

What can I say? I'm an anxious person who generally hates being anxious, but this was the one time I truly enjoyed feeling those feelings and likely the last time I'll ever enjoy it.

So, find someone to go with, turn off your mobile phone, revel in the complete silence & terror of the reality that lies just outside our atmosphere. The worst part of it is that there's no science fiction here. It's all totally feasible (with a lot of luck and about 20 rabbit feet strapped to your jetpack.)

The one thought that crossed my mind as I left the theatre was this: This is best kept away from our youth because there's no way anyone would dream of becoming an astronaut after watching it.

Enjoy! (And if you saw it, would love to hear your thoughts!) xo!

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