I'm Enthusiastic About: Atelier Cologne in Vanilla Insensée

I found it!!!

People, I've finally found my signature perfume!
Say hello to my Atelier Cologne in Vanilla Insensée!
I've spent so much money and time trying to find the right one...always going for citrus or musk...and then I found something totally new at my favorite local shop, Broome St. General Store.

Many mornings, waiting for my latte, I've stood in front of their numerous perfumes and colognes. Spritzing, sniffing, testing...wearing scents for an entire day and not being entirely sure. I thought I found the right one once, but they were out of stock and then it fell through...and then, the other morning I tried something new.

A vanilla scent. Totally not in my comfort zone...but what did I have to lose? Possibly smelling like ice cream all day? That's fine. I like ice cream. Who doesn't like ice cream?!

So, I spritzed it on and within 10 minutes - BOOM - completely in love. (They say when you know.) It's rich, luxurious, warm, and welcoming. I feel like a dessert on legs...and without the cloying florals of so many other vanilla-based perfumes. It's also ever so slightly peppery. It has a little kick and somehow successfully conveys vanilla without it being so saccharine that you think your teeth are going to melt off with one whiff. (It's happened to me...when it's overly sugary, I get headaches...this would explain why I can't survive in a Lush store for more than 5 minutes.)

After one more mornings of testing (you can never be too's a life investment after all), I decided to finally get myself a small bottle to test it out for the autumn. (The store manager already ordered me a larger bottle, knowing immediately that I had found the one. He ordered it without even checking with me...they know me too well over there.)

What else? The other night, Charlesband mentioned that his flannel shirt smelled like it...and that it felt very Nami. It made him think of me all day...and if I wasn't sold already (I was), that was the final decider. I mean, I don't do things for men, but if I can avoid disgusting my husband by the way I smell, I'm ok with that.

Another perk? It's the kind of perfume that reeeeally stays with you. After showering and properly lotioning, the scent is still present on my wrists and neck. I'm convinced that once I've been using it for several weeks, it's going to permanently be part of my natural scent. (Win!) It's already starting to permeate all of my clothing..,and Charlesband's clothing that I borrow. (Score!) The journey to making it my signature scent is well under way.

Now, let us not forget what Coco Chanel once said...

So, go get yourself the future you dreamed of. It's amazing what smelling delicious can do for your mood! What's your signature scent?


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