Decorati Fever Strikes Again!!!

So, not sure if you're aware, but I have this thing that I suffer from. A life-long struggle with wherever it is that I'm living. I like to call it Decorati Fever. It happens annually (and sometimes several times a  year.)

Seemingly out of nowhere, I get a very serious urge to change my surroundings...and, so, with the darker, colder months and shorter days, I felt the need to lighten up my apartment. The best way to do this? More plants and lighter paint.

Plants, if you didn't know, make everything better. I recommend them to everyone.

So, I got two new Foxtail Ferns (one of them is happily displayed in the photo.) The other will live in my office. By the way, I just learned that they aren't actually ferns and require lots of sunlight. (So much for that idea of actually having a plant in the less sunny bedroom!) Fun Fact: they're actually part of the asparagus family.

Let's see if my green thumb is effective with these two little dudes. I spent a good amount of time this past weekend toiling over plants and soil. Potting, repotting, trimming roots, packing dirt. All that fun stuff. Our money trees have all been moved to bigger pots to let them stretch their roots and get bigger.

They look happier already.

Now, on to the good stuff.

So, my green & gold striped accent walls in the living/dining room were boring me. The green never sat right with me and I left it because I was too lazy to paint again...but Decorati Fever is unavoidable. I immediately starting doing paint inventory. I have an entire cupboard of paint buckets from all the various paining I've done in the apartment and came across a pale green.

Perfect. PERFECT.

I started collecting several rolls of painters tape from around the apartment and began taping up the stripes. All I can say is "THANK GOODNESS I already put the stripes up!" I don't think I could go for another 6 hours of measuring out wall upon wall of stripes with a ruler, pencil, and a level.

So, with the gold stripes as my guide, I set out to get myself ready for a repainting...and then, after I finished up with work for the day, I commenced putting two coats of paint on every dark green stripe. By the time Charlesband had come home, I was done...and before we went to bed, everything was dry.

After pulling off the tape, I'm happy to report that this may be my favorite color combo yet. Pale green and gold...why didn't I think of it sooner?!

And with that, I'm left with a lighter, brighter apartment brimming with the promise of keeping my spirits up as the days get shorter.

Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe it's too much effort to pull this off every year, but it just feels right. What do you do to keep your living space interesting? Am I the only one that suffers from Decorati Fever?!

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