Sunday Styles no. 42

So, the autumn came and went in LA this past week. One day, we were having crisp, cool, sunny days...and then, unapologetically, the heat returned. It was 88 degrees yesterday. I mean, c'mon! I'm over it...warm weather is nice and all, but I've got sweaters pestering me to take them for a spin.

Which brings me to today's Sunday Style. Whether I'll actually survive the day wearing this is a mystery...but, mostly likely, an impossibility. Nonetheless, I'm trying to celebrate autumn with a fail-safe combo of black & tan. (Mr. Merlin included...his tan coat and black nose & eyes are oh-so fashionable!)

I'm never one to wear tight sweaters. It's just not my jam. When it comes to the chillier months, you'll find me in bigger, comfy sweaters throughout most of the season, but sweaters that are tailored in such a way that they don't become a lumpy, bumpy mess under a coat. The key, I found, was wearing sweaters with a roomier midsections (also great for when you wanna go out for a large meal) and well-tailored armholes.

It's all in the armholes, people.

Big armholes equal lumpy, bumpy annoyingness when you put a coat on. You know what I'm talking about...that big mass of sweater resting in your armpit and cutting off your circulation. Not cool. If the armhole is cut small enough to your actual arm size, all will be well. That and thinner materials that are still warm. Cashmere and thin wool work well. Lightweight, but still warm. A winning combination.

A wider midsection and a little bit of length will give the entire look a casual, comfy feel and still allow you to wear a coat. Big plus for a bigger neckline also. Magic.

In this case, I opted for getting a larger size as well. This sweater is a medium.
My usual sizing is small or x-small, but not for sweaters. Nope. Gimme a big ones and marvel at how comfortable I am all day. No pulling and tugging. No weird self-consciousness. Just the equivalent of a blanket...that you wear.

Because we all know that those days where you can get away with just wearing a sweater are few and the winter months come up as fast as sirens surfacing to trick sailors into getting lost at sea.

Anyway, maybe I'll end up changing in a few hours (probably), but for now this girl is gonna dream about the east coast changing of the leaves on the trees, hot apple cider, and getting cozy with the one I love while spending the rest of the weekend out and about amongst the west coast palm trees and blazing sun...and maybe cozying up to the one I love in our apartment with the AC blasting.

Have a great rest of your weekend! xo!

Update: It's going to be in the 80's today. (Insert a big, heavy, sad-it's-not-autumn sigh here.) Well, a girl can dream, right?

A Note About the Clothes: Madewell Leafstitch Crewneck (Hthr Toffee)Club Monaco Carolina Skinny Waxed Pant (Black)Madewell Teddy Loafer in Calf Hair (Truffle), Mr. Merlin - not available.

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