Sunday Styles no. 41

have officially returned to the land of the living, everyone! Isn't that exciting?! You never truly appreciate being healthy until the Angel of Death is hanging out with you on the couch all week, watching episode after episode of "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant!"

Whatever the case, the flu & I officially parted ways on Friday. As I said to my dad-in-law, "a relationship that stops you from eating or sleeping and stresses you out isn't worth it. It's for the best." It was a relationship fated for disaster from the very start.

Anyway, to further fluff up my shiny new enthusiasm for life, the weather is cooling down. (Happy First Day of Fall!) Though, to be fair, autumn in Los Angeles is vastly different from autumn in New York, I'm still appreciative. The air is crisper, the sun is still bright but less "let's make the entire world feel like a skillet where you play the steak," and overheating Charlesband can comfortably exist with me without having to blast the AC. An open window will suffice. (HALLELUJAH!)

In other really (maybe not really) exciting news, I discovered this morning that my hair has gotten to the point where I can put it up in a (not so polished, but still passable) bun! I know this might seem like a non-event for most of you, but for this woman who has almost always had short hair and has been struggling for over a year to not lop it all off just to prove she can grow it and to have something to do fun things with...well, this was like the hair gods giving me a reassuring pat on the back. "Good job, Nami. Way to grow your hair, kid. You done good."

Thanks, hair gods.

And because I'm bunnin' today, I've decided to go with a ballet silhouette while still honoring my all-black aesthetic. Pleated skirt and super-simple fitted shirt anyone? I know I wore this pleated skirt two Sunday Styles ago, but I'm so obsessed with it, that I just had to wear it again. The coated fabric really defines the pleats and gives the skirt more structure and volume which me (of narrow hips) wants badly. Couple the ensemble with my trusty field jacket, sunnies, and some gold bling for a look that's decidedly almost-autumn.

And, ya know what? It's a really comfortable outfit too. The skirt has a little room at the waist, so I can still eat and the shirt is super-soft and stretchy. Good times, good times.

So, with that, off I go to enjoy this gorgeous weather with Charlesband! The days are getting shorter, so we need to take advantage of the daylight stat! Hope you're all enjoying the rest of your Sunday! xo!

A Note About the Clothes: Club Monaco Faye Solid Top (Black), Zara Coated Pleated Skirt (Black), J. Crew Field Jacket - no longer available, Jeffrey Campbell 'In Love' Flat (Black/Black Patent), House of Harlow 1969 Imagine Sunglasses - I can't find them anywhere now!

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