Quote of the Week: Busy

I sure hope Thoreau is right because it's that time of the season again. Fashion Week is breathing down my neck and I have more things to plan for this season than I ever have in all the seasons I've worked this sartorial circus!

Forgive me, readers, for being quiet for the last week! I actually got to get away this past weekend for the first time in a really long time with the sole purpose of trying to relax. Bobbing in the pool and spending time with Charlesband seemed like much more of a priority this weekend. My Sunday Style was just a bikini (you didn't miss much) and I needed to take a few days to gaze blissfully into my husband's eyes (read: be consumed by an amazing autobiography about Liberace's lover while Charlesband read Dune for the 100th time.)

We ate a lot of fries and nachos and I drank more water than I thought I was capable of. Chalk it up to desert heat and a very lovely poolside wait staff at the Hyatt Regency Resort in Indian Wells.

Whatever the case, I've returned to a tornado of work that must be tamed. My life has been emails, social media, checking my phone every 10 minutes, and making epic packing lists (1 full page with three columns of tiny font) which is what I do whenever I need to prepare for the 8 days of fashion. 12 to 14 hour days await me and I'm really hoping I get a few hours here and there to see my parents for dinner and possibly a friend or two.

Rest assured, I'm going to try my hardest to report back on fabulous clothes and the equally fabulous people wearing them at the tents, so stay tuned for the coverage starting September 5th. In the meantime, expect radio silence until then.

I'm crazy busy, but if Thoreau is right, I'm also chipping away at a path to some sort of success. (I'm gonna take this quote and hold it close during those late, late nights of madness.) Wish me luck! xo!

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