Fashion Week: Day 6 (Jenny Packham)

I know, I know. I missed yesterday's post. I feel horrible about it, but I was working till 1am and couldn't find the energy...I owe you one! In the meantime...

Ya know, there are few runway shows that I get really excited about, but Jenny Packham's show is one of my favorites season after season. Something about the fact that the show is usually something like a dream locked away in the most feminine and romantic part of your soul...

And, yes, even I have that part somewhere deep down inside of me that squeals whenever I see her gorgeous creations floating down the runway.

Also, as you know, I've been on a big hair kick, so I'll start off with what the hair looked like:

Look! It's my girl, Jeanie Syfu, lead TRESemmé stylist makin' big hair!

So, it's not the best shot, but you get the idea. It was supposed to be a 70's Edwardian do. Really big, teased, and fun. I was in love. If only I could do that to my own hair every day.

Unfortunately, the hair takes a bit of time...
You create a curl set by using curling irons and wrapping each section up and pinning it to let it cool...which seems easy enough after some practice.

However, you also need to use varying sizes of curling iron. 1/2" curls from the nape of your next to your ears. 3/4" curls from your ears to your crown and 1" curls on top. Complicated, yes. Worth it...most likely.

For those of us know can't imagine doing this (I would likely burn half my head off and would certainly burn my hands and ears trying to do this to myself), there's hope. Try using curlers on wet hair and letting your hair completely dry. You'll get the same effect.

Just comb out the curls, tease the hell out of them and fluff.

The nails were lovely too. Dusty pink with not my style, but I totally appreciate them:

The make-up was fresh with a little sparkle as well and pink lips. Packham's make-up is always really clean...

Ok, got all that? Now, go get a Jenny Packham dress so you can rock this dreaminess...

Bravo to TRESemmé for amazing hair, Essie for the nails, and Laura Mercier for the make-up...and a HUGE BRAVO to Jenny Packham for another outstanding show!

Now, off to bed with me soon so I can get a bit of rest. It's been a busy day and I have the Nanette Lepore show to go to early in the morning. Wish me luck! xo!

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