Fashion Week: Day 4 (Vivienne Tam)

Today just blew right by...yeesh. Where does the time go?!

Whatever the case, it was a show day today, so I was a busy bee. Naturally, I had to go get my hair did first and I went straight to Marco for some more follicular fun. This was today's look:

Big, glam curls. Wide with a sidepart. I was in love with it. It's only at Fashion Week that I can truly get dramatic hair, so I take advantage of the situation...not to mention, I'm basically a walking billboard for the TRESemmé booth at the tents - um, hello, free dry styling for anyone at the tents all day every day during Fashion Week!

There's just no way I could possible wield a curling iron like my stylist buddies at the dry styling salon. They take my look to a whole new level and I'm eternally grateful.

I also will desperately need a deep conditioning treatment when I get back to LA.

But enough about was the Vivienne Tam show today! Forever youthful Vivienne Tam. I swear, that woman never ages. I could say it's because she's Asian, but seriously...I feel like she's always looked the same. Impressive.

The hair for the show was a very natural blowout. A little smooth, but still textured with a matte finish. Casual and modern. It totally fit her spring collection.

So, first, the hair...

Lovely Jeanie Syfu putting the finishing touches on the hair

It's totally that hair that we all WISH we had when we got out of bed. Faux bedhead with less kinks. It's just a little ruffled, but still chic as a black Chanel suit and pearls.

But, yes, I was chatting about how it really complemented Vivienne's line, right? Take a look...

The clothes were bright, structural, modern. Patterns mixed with solids, fun tailoring, and movement in a modern way. It was really gorgeous. I used to wonder why designers would go with basic hair in their shows and this is the type of show that explains why.

With such a spectrum of looks that are all still cohesive, a basic hairstyle really pulls things together and also speaks to the versatility of the clothing. It's a "you can just wear your hair down" kind of versatility. The last thing I want to see on a runway is prom hair...a line of clothes that can make a really basic hairstyle look polished is alright in my book!

So, there ya have it. Day 4 is done and it's midnight again. Time to chat with Charlesband for a hot second before passing out. Tomorrow is another day of Fashion Week! xo!

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