Fashion Week: Day 2 (Rebecca Minkoff)

Another crazy day, everyone! Fashion Week is in full swing and despite it being utter madness, it's always fun to see all of my team members and get things done. For instance, the TRESemmé stylist team members...always making my hair look awesome.

Here was today's look:

That's Marco (follow him on Instagram at @MarcoNYCStudio). He's one of the stylists at the TRESemmé booth that does amazing things with hair each season. Mousse, hairspray, a mini double-barrel curling iron, and 3 hairpins kept this hair in place all day!

Just in time to prepare me for the Rebecca Minkoff show! Can I just take a minute to talk about how obsessed I was with the hair? It's looks like these that make me want to actually grow my hair really long...

My dear friend & fabulous hairstylist, Tyler Laswell

My sister from another mother & amazing stylist, Katy Yung
Are you seeing this? Are you seeing these undone fishtail milkmaid braids?!
Ms. Minkoff said that her line was inspired by Latin American muses like Frida Kahlo & Bianca Jagger, so naturally this hairstyle totally makes sense and it's completely wearable...not like some of the hair looks that came walking down the runway today (I'm looking at you, Carmen Marc Valvo - as much as I wish I could pull off a two-tone bob wig.)

And the clothes were equally gorgeous! Latin America mixed with American sportswear. Are you wondering what that looks like? It looks like this:

ERMERGERD, SO GORGEOUS! Of course, I'm still in my black-and-white phase, but it would be nice to run around in flowy florals. Go running a field. Ya know the feeling, I'm sure.

Other highlights of the day? Saw my fellow Angeleno & fabulous blogger/host, Roxy! (Follow her on Instagram at @RedCarpetRoxy!) She always looks gorgeous and is always smiling. A welcome sight in the sartorial sea that is backstage at a show.

Roxy with the brightest smile!
Also, hello, Janelle Monáe played live during the runway show...

And, of course, I can't leave out seeing my dear Jeanie. She's TRESemmé's lead Fashion Week stylist and another one of those women who feels almost like a sister. Our bond began with the love of fake lashes & lash extensions and it's been peachy ever since.

Friend & lead stylist, Jeanie Syfu
Being able to see the action again backstage is a privilege and utterly humbling. The team is stellar and I feel stupidly lucky to be part of it.

So, with that, I leave you with this image...the last look of the day as I walked out to go pick up some takeout to take to my hotel room before getting back to work until late at night. Hope to get some great looks from around the tents for you tomorrow! For now, g'nite! xo!

You know it's Fashion Week when my hair doesn't fit in the frame.

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