Sunday Styles no. 40

Sometimes, I can get crazy with prints and textures and color...but, as you know, I've been embracing black recently, and to further streamline, this week I decided to concentrate on clean, yet dramatic cuts to bring out the lack of color.

Meet my latest dress. Super simple from the front with a little bit of sass in the back and super comfortable to boot. Can't really beat that. The cut is not form fitting, the fabric has stretch, and it's one of those dresses you can't wear with a, factor all that in and it feel like I'm wearing pajamas, but look thoroughly modern and put-together. Win and win.

I've been in a playful mood lately about proportions and experimenting with how things fit. I used to hate my shoulders because I felt like they were too broad, but I'm embracing them and enhancing them with this dress (it has mini shoulder pads) and its hard lines and angles.

I also used to think that body fitting tailoring was the only way to best compliment my body shape, but it turns out that a cut like this is not only comfy (read: you can eat whatever you want in it), but it compliments the body in its lack of body-hugging-ness. It flatters with what you can't see...that may sound like some mystical and mysterious sartorial jargon, but I hope I'm making sense. Sometimes a hint of shape is what makes something more alluring.

I added a little bit more structure with these loafer/shootie hybrids (henceforth, I will be referring to them as my shoofers...or maybe loafooties.) And that's that.

So, to everyone, have a little bit of fun and experiment with shapes, cuts, and take a chance on body parts you may have secretly been hating on. Sometimes they just need a chance to shine!

Now, back to trying to squeeze as much relaxation as possible out of this Sunday. Have a great rest of the weekend! xo!

A Note About the Clothes: Zara Dress with Bow at Back, Zara Mid-Heel Leather Ankle Boot

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