Sunday Styles no. 38

Sometimes, you have a week that's so bananas that you can't possibly find the energy to wear anything that will hinder the two main things you need to focus on for the weekend. Namely, eating and lounging (with Merl & Charlesband, naturally.)

Because of this goal, today has been spent in the most comfortable of dresses. I found this little steal at a J. Crew Factory outlet on the way back from Santa Barbara a month ago and it's my go-to for those days when eating and face planting on the couch (or just lounging hard in any position really) is necessary.

The best part about this dress is that it still looks put together...and the fact that it's black keeps it looking a bit more serious. (I never feel right lookin' like a beach princess in a crazy flowy, pastel number. I'm always looking for a little hint of sternness in my clothes. Not sure why.)

It pairs well with my favorite jackets and I can wear it with my hair up or down...the bed head was lookin' a little cray today, so I opted for one of my Filthy Mouth Clothing turbans which are quite the life saver.

So, this is what's up this Sunday. An attempt to relax as much as possible before the work week comes crashing down on me...Yesterday was spent running errands and cleaning. This morning? Working on replacing a flat, I deserve to bum around in my fashionable sack and play videogames with Charlesband till my eyes fall out.

Hope you're all having a great Sunday! xo!

A Note About the Clothing: J. Crew Factory V-Neck Maxidress (no longer available - BOOOOO, I want 10 more of these!!!), Filthy Mouth Turban

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