Quote of the Week: Time

You ever get that creeping feeling? Like your whole week just melted away and you're unsure if you have anything to show for it aside from hundreds of email responses and hours of phone time on conference calls? I'm pretty sure it's a common ocurrence, so I needed to commiserate with you for a hot second.

My job? It's a great job...but I recently read a fantastic article called "What Gets Done Is What Gets Done" and it's based on the fact that long work hours don't help any of us in the long run. Burning the candle at both ends, late work nights, long work days, missing special occasions because of emails back and forth, having to put off planning a vacation because you might be needed for work. It made me rethink things a bit.

These are all things I'm guilty of...same with Charlesband. Planning a vacation for us is basically something that doesn't happen. (Though we like talking about it at great length.) The one and only time we ever truly unplugged was on our honeymoon and that happened nearly 2 years ago. (Note to self: Anniversary is coming up in a few weeks.)

So, I'm trying my best to unplug (I say as I wait for any emergency messages or emails to come in regarding projects that are due tomorrow.) I said I was trying. In the meantime, I'm taking little steps every day to not delay on things. I won't wait until next time to give Charlesband a smooch or give Merlin a nuzzle when he's looking particularly lonely. If he makes a sad face at the door as I'm leaving for the office, I'll take the extra 30 seconds to walk back into the apartment to give him a big, squishy hug and cover him with kisses. I mean, not to sound morbid, but I could get run over by a car a few seconds later for all I know.

In short, this is really a call to arms. It's a call for those of us whose occupations can eat up all of our precious time to not delay on, to start, the little things...because when it comes to the job, what gets done is what gets done. You'll work more efficiently and have a clearer head if you take the time eat. love. play. (See what I did there? No, I don't have an Asian accent, you jerk...then it would be "rove & play.")

So, don't delay. Get to it as soon as you can! Time waits for no one! xo!

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