LA Ladies: Interview #4 - Kristin Livingstone (on Online Dating!)

Have you ever online dated? Or are you looking to online date anytime soon?
Are you convinced it's not for you or have you tried and thought you failed?
THINK AGAIN, m'dears!

I'm pretty sure I created an online dating profile eons ago after a particularly wretched break-up and never checked it. If anyone comes across my profile, let me know. I can't even remember what site it was on...all I know is that it was a paid site and I was using a free trial.

I will say that part of me is sad that I never got to try it out, but I'm not complaining about being married to Charlesband. I couldn't have asked for a better other half.

BUT for those of you still on the quest to find your partner in crime, there's help!
Enter Kristin Livingstone. A very dear friend, immensely talented writer, and a woman who married a man (a very good man. I'm totally Team Dave) she met on, of all places, OKCupid.

Naturally, I had to pick her brain about the do's & don't's in the realm of virtual courtships. So, without further ado, I give you my L.A. Ladies Interview no. 4:

Note: it's a little on the long side, but after countless attempts at editing it down, I couldn't find anything else to cut. It's all just toooo good. Enjoy!

So, you think you're ready? Or do you want a free online consultation of your profile?
Then don't wait. Check this out!

And if you want a good laugh & a very honest opinion, give this doozy a read.

And don't forget to check out more from Kristin here.

Happy Online Dating, everyone! xo!

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