I'm Enthusiastic About: Converse All-Stars

Ya know, even though I (sadly) walk a lot less in LA than I did in NYC, my feet don't seem to be any less stressed. Mind you, it's not like I'm wearing sky-high heels every day. On the contrary, you can usually find me running around in flats (whether of the pointy ballet kind, a boot, or a sandal.) Sometimes I'll venture out in a high platform or a heel on the weekends, but weekdays are meant for scurrying around like the woodland creature I truly am on the inside.

But I ended up buying an especially hard-to-break-in pair of flats (I know...seems like an oxymoron - blame patent leather) a few weeks back and ended up with holes in my feet. Beyond blisters, people. I went through a box of blister band-aids in one day, if that gives you any idea.

So, a few days of hobbling around, changing my band-aids constantly, and even getting to the point of asking poor, tired Charlesband to please pick up more band-aids on his crazy commute home because I couldn't get a pair of shoes on...a few days of that and it dawned up on me that I had a pair of chucks sitting around that needed some more wearing.

And so, today, I donned my pair of Converse All-Star High Tops and marveled at the level of comfort I was feeling. I mean, I wore them before, but wasn't hindered by my feet basically bleeding off...and these guys made it all ok. So, this post is a dedication to my newfound enthusiasm for my dear, dear chucks.

Maybe I didn't wear you...quite as often as I could have.
And maybe I didn't love you...quite as much as I should have.

If I made you feel second best...Chucks, I'm sorry I was blind.
You were always on my mind.
You were always on my mind.

Yes. Rewriting Willie Nelson lyrics is the thing to do when you want to pay homage to canvas sneakers. I thought that was a pretty obvious option.

So, to all of you who beat your feet to shreds, maybe it's time to grab a pair of chucks (which are incredibly affordable - did I mention that part?), roll your jeans up and have yourself a wildly casual, yet grossly stylish day. Whether at the office or out & about. Not only will your spark for them rekindle itself in anywhere between 2 seconds to 5 minutes (depending on your current activity), but you'll also be pleasantly surprised to find them incredibly adaptable to a number of looks. (Though, I will almost always go with rolled up denim and a white T-shirt.)

We've all had a pair in the past right? Mine was when I was in an indie phase back in the early 90's...I also had an obsession with pro-Keds, corduroys, V-neck sweaters and going to as many obscure shows as I could shake a stick at. (Note: You can shake a stick at a lot, as it turns out.) I had a shag haircut and was so angsty back then.

I'm glad I can now wear them with a new vigor that my depressed, pubescent self couldn't appreciate. Rolled up jeans & white t-shirts? OMG, my 14-year-old self would be hissing right now. Can you tell I'm glad I got out of that phase?

Anyway, digressing.
If you have a pair, pull them out! If you don't, go get yourself a pair and enjoy! xo!

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