I'm Enthusiastic About: Ballroom Dancing!

Yep, you heard right, folks! Over the past month and a half, Charlesband and I have taken up ballroom dancing as a means to spend some more quality time together and to get ourselves off of our respective butts. Overworking affords little time for lovingly gazing into each others eyes or finding the willpower to go for a run. My at-home workout DVDs have collected dust and I haven't gone do a Latin Jam class in almost a month. I know. Go ahead and point your fingers. I'm being lazy.

With that said, I've always been particularly enamored by ballroom dancers. Their poise, their posture, their ease of movement and synergy with their, naturally, I went ahead, did the required research and found a great little studio in Eagle Rock called Ballroom Blitz.

Susannah & Anthony are the owners and a fantastic couple with a rambunctious and charming son, Roman. The studio is their second home as they spend countless hours helping couples attain a new level of physical activity, closeness, and fun. Their teaching style is the best. Easy to grasp concepts mixed with humor make an hour-long private lesson fly by. (They also have group classes, but Charlesband and I didn't want to step on the toes of unsuspecting - and undeserving - fellow dancers until we got the basics down, so we're doing the private thing until we're confident enough to dance with strangers.)

Let me just say, if you have a significant other or a close friend that's willing to make the time, it's totally worth the investment...and it's worth giving up an hour of vegging to learn something new with someone you love. Since starting, I definitely feel like my posture has improved and we're dying to go to a wedding so we can try some moves out. In the meantime, we're making due with trying to practice here and there in our apartment (which isn't all that easy - we don't live in a closet, but we definitely don't live in a huge dance studio.)

Over the course of the 4 lessons, we've learned the box step, turning box step, box step with an underarm turn, progressive, reverse turn, twinkle, twinkle with an inside turn, natural turn, and change steps. Sure, we need to keep practicing, but that's legit for the number of visits we've made. Anthony has been teaching us so far and when we get into the more complicated steps, we'll be switching over to Susannah, who has taught ballroom and Latin dancing for 25 years. I'm beyond excited.

So, just a little something to consider for everyone who might need a little more time with their loved one or can't seem to get up and go to their cardio barre class. (I wouldn't. All my friend have told me they're near-vomiting by the time those classes are over and I'm not a fan of that particular feeling.) Try your hand at some ballroom dancing. The best part is, there's no way you'll ever regret your decision. Seriously. xo!


  1. Thanks for the kind words and dedication. Remember it's you and Charlesband that are actually doing the work. I'm the one yelling and throwing stuff at you.

    1. Well, you're really good at throwing stuff at us, Anthony!
      And who knew being pelted with knives and chainsaws could be so much fun?!