How-To: Twist & Shout (Ok, Maybe Not Shout)

So, I've been stopped a number of times by women on the street, in office buildings, and at events, asking about a certain hairstyle I wear when I'm sportin' 3rd day hair and only have enough patience to spritz some dry shampoo on and jab a ton of bobby pins in my hair.

Surprisingly, people are impressed with this style and have often asked how I put it together. Well, ladies, I have a secret. It takes me between 5 to 7 minutes (3 minutes on super-rush days) to do it and I urge all of you to give it a try. It's a real time saver and works really well on 2nd & 3rd day hair. Went to sleep with wet hair and woke up looking like you got punched in the head by a tornado? Well, this will fix that too.

This is also a great style for the braiding-impaired. (I'm raising both hands here.) My hair's just not long enough right now to accommodate fancy-pants plaiting. I'll play with those when it gets a little longer.

Ok, here's what you'll need:

And here's what you do:

First, quickly detangle & hit your roots with some dry shampoo. (Holler at TRESemmé's Fresh Start Dry Shampoo - the new color care one with the invisible formula is awesome.)

Next, take a section of hair by your temple & another section underneath it. Now bring section 2 up and over section 1.

Add hair from underneath to section 1 and bring it up and over section 2. Keep adding hair from underneath as you weave toward the back of your head, continuing to bring sections up and over each other.

Pin the ends in place when you get close to the back (an inch or so behind your ear is a good measure) and repeat the same process on the other side.

Take the remaining hair in the back and do what you will with it (since I don't have enough hair to create a bun, I just twist it up and secure it with a TON of bobby pins.

Stand there and quietly revel in the fact that it didn't take much time at all.

If your hair has lots of layers, you may want to try using some sort of hair creme or serum to keep from getting too many strays sticking up all over the place. I, personally, like when it's a little messy.

If you run some mousse through it before creating the style, when you pull pieces out later in the day, they'll have a nice little wave. (Hey, I have stick straight hair. If I can get a little bit of texture/wave with little effort, I'm all about it.)

And that's it. With practice, I bet you could whip it up in less than 5. Meanwhile, everyone will be convinced you spent all morning pulling it together.

Just let them keep believing that. xo!


  1. Ooh, super fancy! I'm a fan of the milkmaid braid since all I really have to do is braid two pigtails and then bobby pin the sh!t out of them onto the top of my head :) This 'do looks pretty similar so I'm going to have to give it a go. Thanks for sharing your beauty wisdom <(-_-)>


    1. I'm super jelz that you have enough hair to do the milkmaid braids, girl!
      I'm still growing my mane out, so I've had to get crafty.
      Bet you'd look AMAZING with this style.

      Definitely want to see it if you try it out!


  2. Ok tried 3 times its not looking right...

    1. Patience and practice will get you far with this one, Jackie.
      When I think back on when I started this twist thing, it definitely took me a lot longer.
      You'll get it in no time! :)


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