Turban Legend

It's summer. I'm sure you've noticed that by now...if not by the baking sun, then surely from the 100% humidity (if you're one of those lucky folks that are living anywhere but the southwest.)

I just got back from Miami on Sunday and, I've gotta say, it's been a hot (PUN!) minute since I've been in those types of conditions. It was practically monsooning when I landed. Streets were flooded and my car basically floated to the hotel. This followed up by unadulterated heat. It was like a sauna...or a fish tank. Miami was a blingy, neon fish tank and though I've never lived in an actual fish tank, I'm almost positive that those kinds of conditions are not ideal for one's hair.

To be sure, my pores were ridiculously happy. Despite looking like an oil spill most of the time (shout out to my Tatcha oil blotting sheets for saving me from setting people on fire from the intense laser-like glare off of my nose!), my skin was plump with moisture. Human beef jerky, I was not...which is the general state of things when I'm back in LA. Nope, I had reconstituted myself in the balmy, beachiness of Florida...but my poor hair.

Considering I was at Miami Swim and was also representing a hair brand, my locks were looking less-than-stellar. I opted for "sleek" (code word for "my hair won't listen, so I'm going to plaster it to my head and hope no one was expecting volume & perfect beachy waves" or "look at my cheekbones - not my head") most of the time and up in braids the other part of the time. Luckily, braids are totally a thing. We all know this. People love braids, so I was able to get away with it.

But what do you do when you need to look fashionable, but have only a few minutes to get ready? (Which was the case 99% of the time I was down there - social media never sleeps, people. There is always something that needs to be covered somewhere by some means of internet transmission.)

Enter: The Turban!

A few weeks ago, my Instagram friend, Brooke, owner of Filthy Mouth Clothing, sent me an array of grossly affordable and unbearable sassy turbans to try and, thank goodness for them, they've become part of my go-to arsenal in times of "OMG, I need to get to the office and I look like I got run over!" (I really need to stop going to sleep with wet hair...also, that was the longest run-on sentence ever.)

And to prove to you that turbans are not just for eccentric old ladies (of which I hope to become one day - I'm being serious), here are three ways you can wear a turban in times of need. (Or in times where you need a little pick-me-up. They definitely seem to help my mood.)

Added bonus, keep your hair outta your face! It's better than a headband because you won't get that weird pressure behind your ears. (Headbands should just be called "cranium clamps" as far as I'm concerned.)

Really, the possibilities are endless here. I always opt to wear my turbans and head wraps with a little bit of fringe showing, but that's doesn't mean you have to! Play around and have some fun. These particular turbans have a lot of stretch too, so it doesn't matter how much hair you have or how big you think your head is, it'll fit and it'll look fantastic!

Pair patterned turbans with basics to make it the star of the show! Get your Filthy Mouth Clothing "filthy turbans" here (for coral hawaiian), here (for black & white stripes), and here (for black with polka dots)! You can find more patterns here!

Hope they make the rest of your summer bearable and, more importantly, fashionable! xo!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE Turbans. But I can rarely pull it off. Only when I have a good face on too. Here's my look with a turban: What do you think? lol



    1. OMG, Tina, you look gorgeous with a turban on.
      Really shows of your face! :)

      Girl, you should rock that with some drop earrings and go gypsy! Bet that would look great too.
      OR wear your hair down and give your ends some soft girls for some intense boho-ness.

      I don't know what you're talking about.
      You're pulling it off perfectly!


    2. That was supposed to say "curls"...not "girls"...I can't type sometimes.