Sunday Styles no. 36

So, pants with pleats were never my thing. In fact, they usually make me want to run and hide. Something about seeing early 90's corporate fashion flash before my eyes...and then I experienced an odd fashion occurrence. I had time on my hands and Saks was having a crazy insane-o sale a few weeks ago. The perfect combination of factors to result in a new style choice.

Charlesband and I, being the window-shoppers we are, decided to just lightly peruse. I came across a pair of gorgeous feeling, navy pants. Slacks, really. A very grown-up thing...but they had pleats. I did a quick label check and realized they were from Theory and I've never tried anything on from them that seemed grossly outdated. So, with faith and time to kill, we made our way to the dressing rooms.

I slipped these babies on and it was like heaven. Lush, super-breathable, roomy, perfect for an evening summer get-together where you want to go more menswear than just another maxi dress...even Charlesband, who I was sure would hiss at them, actually liked them. We agreed, they were gallery owner-ish. (This is a compliment, if you were wondering.)

So, here we are. Balancing out the structure of the piece with something simple and basic with basic hair, neutral colors and a bright pout. It's a little bit Madonna, a little bit art gallery, structured, but relaxed and also...much more exposing than I had originally planned for.

This is one of those outfits I would usually wear with a field jacket to balance it out and make it look a little less serious, but for Sunday Style's sake, I'm sticking to this for interest's sake. So, what's your take on pleats? I may have become a mild convert. Hope you're having an amazing Sunday! xo!

A Note About the Clothing: Theory Pants - I can't seem to find them anywhere (will keep looking!), American Apparel Cotton Spandex Underwire Bustier, Michael Kors Elena Sandal

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