Sunday Styles no. 35

On a Monday...I know. Misnomer. I'm sorry.

I tried my darnedest yesterday to post, but I got back from Miami Swim too late and I was a hot mess...hence me posting this today. Forgive this poor blogger. Her flight was less than ideal (Oh, you overbooked your flight and might not be able to get me on this flight even though I booked a month ahead of time, American Airlines? REALLY? - needless to say, I had do deal with a whole lotta rage which makes me even more tired.)

So, here we are on a Monday, wishing it was a Sunday and so I give you this week's Sunday Styles!

As promised, this is what I wore to my dear friends' wedding. A very random sojourn (yes, I really used that word just now) into a downtown LA pop-up shop one sunny afternoon a few weeks ago brought me to this purchase. A big thanks to Guerilla Atelier and their helpful staff for convincing me to try this number on. Persimmon (Charlesband wins the prize for correctly naming the color - I was shocked he pulled that one out) is not a color I would have ever attempted, but the intricate beading stopped me in my tracks. That and Charlesband walking over to me and telling me, straight-faced, that I looked stunning. (Note: He rarely compliments me flat-out...when he does, it's usually in a cartoon voice to hide his shyness. It's really cute, but unconvincing at times. I should probably just accept compliments, cartoon-voice or not.)

Anyway, yes! This dress was perfect for a garden wedding. It was an exceptionally flattering cut for this less-than-robustly-chested lady. And beading...I've never worn anything with such beautiful beading. I kept saying I looked like a fancy the best possible way, obviously. I've always been attracted to their beautiful fabrics, colors, and patterns.

And after some serious stress about shoes, I came across these super comfy wedges (no one wants to walk on grass in stilettos...I did it at my own wedding and my calves felt like they were made of lava by the end of the night.) Green! My shoes were green! I mean, this was color overload for me, but it was worth it. Who would have ever thought I could wear this much color and get away with it?

Not I. Not I.

So, there ya have it. My wedding outfit long overdue. And for those of you who aren't anywhere near downtown LA, the link to the dress is below, so no panicking. You can get it and I bet you'll look stunning in it. (By the way, I said that without using cartoon-voice.)

Happy weddings & parties to you all! xo!

A Note About the Clothes: Beckley by Melissa Square Neck Embroidered Dress, Nine West ShowNTell Wedge (Green), Roberto Coin 18K Gold Drop Earrings (a gift from Charlesband - so, shout-out to a gorgeous "just cuz" gift from my husband with wonderful taste.)

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