Quote of the Week: Winning

Stress. Man, I've been feeling it lately...tons of traveling, lots of deadlines, more meetings than I know what to do with, not being able to spend as much time as I'd like with Charlesband & Merlin...BUT it's a learning experience. Where, in the past, I may have just gotten crazed and let myself spin out of control (read: ranting, raving, raging, chain smoking, pacing, anxious, restless, and sleepless - sounds super pleasant, right?), I now just take a step back.

What needs to get done? What's the best use of my time? Do I need help? Are these deadlines realistic? Not sure if it was just a matter of growing up or my brain refusing to go into freak-out mode...or, perhaps it's a combination of the two, but now I try very hard (and don't succeed every time, mind you) to stay poised under pressure.

Control is a difficult thing to learn. Restraint. Calm. Focus...

But it's how we win. Think about the problem you're facing and ask yourself, "is this is going to make a difference to me - or will I even remember it - in 5 years?" More times than not, the answer will be "no."

Pick and choose your battles. Reserve your energy for when it's truly needed. Don't let your uneasiness or fear take hold of you.

Life only throws things at us that it knows we can handle.
Don't worry. You've got this. xo!

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