Gratitude Note: Mr. Merlin

See this guy? This is Mr. Merlin.

When life is tough or work is stressful, I can always count on this little one to give me lots of cuddles and love. Especially when Charlesband and I are on crazy schedules and only get to see each other a few hours a day.

Merl serves up that unconditional kinda love that's hard to find. I can look like I haven't showered in weeks (in fact, he probably prefers me that way) or could be passed out in bed, sick. When I'm apart from him for more than a day, my heart aches.

His wagging tail and pawing enthusiasm is the best welcome home.

He knows everything. When I'm happy. When I'm sad. When I need a little extra lovin'.
He kept me smiling through my first few months in LA when I had no friends, had no car, and was working from home (a.k.a had no social interactions.)

And though I've gotten the hang of this city and have my network of friends now, there's still nothing that compares to sitting on the couch with a good book and a Merl in my lap or a Merl head on my shoulder.

I owe this fuzz nugget a lot. Just wanted to post a note of gratitude.

Helen Exley said, "the average dog has one request to all humankind. Love me."

And that, my readers, is exactly the kind of dog Merlin is. xo!

(If you can't handle his cuteness - I can't - follow him on Instagram: #MrMerlin)

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