Sunday Styles no. 33

Apparently, "June Gloom" decided to cut out early this year (well, up until today...but it looks like it's starting to clear up), leaving us Angelenos with the perfect summer situation. Dry heat, cloudless blue skies, and cool evenings. I'm definitely not complaining! I will say, however, that direct sunlight can really wilt both your enthusiasm & hydration levels after a few hours of traipsing (what, you don't traipse?) around town on the weekends with your loved ones.

And this leads me to this week's Sunday Styles. Much like the red, white, and black combo of Sunday Styles no. 30, I've chosen another fail-proof summer color combo: White, navy, and yellow. It just oozes with ice-clinking summer-time vibes. It gives a little nod to rubber boating pants and navy & white striped yacht shirts without the requisite seaman experience.

Add to that a fun polka dot pattern (which chases away any bitchiness vibes you may have been unknowingly releasing - again, you can refer to Sunday Styles no. 30 regarding bitch face) and you've got yourself a nice little summer outfit perfect for backyard BBQs, poolside hangs, and lounges on grassy hills on a blanket with your favorite book.

I got this skirt in Japan back in 2002 at a small vintage shop. No label. Just a lot of comfort. (Hello, elastic waistband!) So as to not feel constricted, I just wear it with a loose, navy cotton tank. Additionally, to avoid completely sizzling off my face in the SoCal sun, I wear this massive sun hat. Aside from the occasional, awkward flopping around, it's proved to be an essential in my arsenal of weapons against premature aging.

Equipped with my latest read (Kazuo Ishiguro's The Unconsoled), a watermelon-basil agua fresca, and an entire Sunday to do with what I please, I'd like to think the day is off to a good start. Hope you have a fantastic rest of your weekend and are doing what you can to make the heat (and in some cases, humidity - I'm lookin' at you, NYC) as bearable as possible! xo!

A Note About the Clothes: American Apparel Unisex Poly-Cotton Tank (Navy), Aldo Sun Hat - no longer available (but you can get a sun hat basically anywhere), Vintage White/Navy Polka Dot Half-Pleated Skirt, Seychelles Yellow Clogs - no longer available 

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