Sunday Styles no. 32

It's about time Charlesband was featured again for the Sunday Styles, don't ya think? Looong overdue in my opinion. These days I'm thinking maybe the Sunday Styles should be all about him to save myself the stress of trying to look decent once a week.

So, what do you get when you have not one, but two folks dressed in some crisp classics? DOUBLE TROUBLE...obviously (since it's stated above, I thought it was pretty straightforward.) In this case, if "trouble" was defined as "sartorial goodness."

Pairing classic khaki and navy with bright yellow & orange (note Charlesband's shoe soles) and cobalt blue is an eternal-win situation. It's a nice way to update a classic style without looking weird. (Trust me, it can happen.) Gentlemen, please note, bright colors & fresh patterns also make your khaki pants look less like you're an accountant and more like you're a really fun guy. And, by the way, real men can tuck their shirts in. Try it some time.

Also, newsflash, Charlesband has a really cute butt and I vote for more stuffing-in of the shirts to accentuate his behind. (Ok. I'll stop being so overzealous about his backside now.)

And, ladies, I cannot stress enough how much I love a good shirt dress that's cinched at the waist. This little number is not only wildly comfortable, but super-flattering...especially for those of us trying to create a more curvy silhouette. (I'm raising my hand like crazy here - I'm also wishing I had Charlesband's butt- SIGH.) Also, elastic waistband that doesn't look weird without a belt. That equals a SUPER-WIN.

You'll have to excuse the wrinkles. It's Sunday and I didn't feel like pulling out the steamer. (I know. I'm such a disappointment.) Aaaanyway, there ya have it. A double-dose of Sunday Styles for ladies and gents! We're off to the Huntington Library in a bit for some serious R&R...possibly a nap in the shade of a big ol' tree.

Hope you all have a magical Sunday! xo!

A Note About the Clothes: (On Nami) Anthropolgie Navy Shirt Dress - no longer available, Madewell Sidewalk Skimmer in Suede (Crystal Blue) - (On Charles) Luigi Borelli Napoli Linen Shirt (Yellow Gingham) - not available online (we picked it up at the Guerilla Atelier Pop-Up Shop in Downtown LA), I have no idea where those Khakis are from, Barney's New York Co-Op Contrast Sole Plain Toe Blucher


  1. SHUT UP! You two are crazy adorable!!! If you add Mr. Merlin to your next Sunday Styles with Charlesband I may pass out from the cuteness overload <3

    Yo Dark Side Sister

    1. Hmmm. I was considering putting Merlin in the next Sunday Styles...but now I'm afraid you'll pass out and hit your head on something!

      You know how I feel about you & your man.

      YDSS (pronounced Yidz)