Quote of the Week: Hope

For one reason or another, last week was a rough week for me. Something between a general gloom and too much contemplation. Being immersed in your own thoughts for long periods of time can be a little challenging. Likely due to working from home a good amount of the week with not as much human contact as I should've had...and then, mid-week, I stumbled upon a TED talk that not only made me cry my eyes out, but also put things in perspective.

Here I am in my comfortable apartment in Los Angeles, working from home, complaining about a lack of human contact and feeling a little blue when there are people in the world starving, scared, with no foreseeable future happiness. Not to cut down my own sadness. We all get depressed, whether we know why or not. It has to do with being human...but in times like these, we have to remember to stay hopeful. Without hope, we don't have anything.

Joseph Kim is a North Korean refugee with an inspiring story of determination, hope, and love. I've probably watched this TED talk at least 5 times by now and have taken his words to heart. It also made me want to immediately fly home and hug all the members of my family. If you haven't seen the TED talk, take a minute to watch it.

This brings me to my next decision. I'm trying to figure out which non-profit organization to volunteer at. So many people (and animals) to help, so little time. Was wondering if anyone had any experiences with non-profits in LA. Right now I'm between animal shelter work, writing workshops for children, or a women's help center. I'm overwhelmed with a strong need to do what I can, but I have no idea where to begin in this massive city! Suggestions, please!

Alright. Back to life. Just remember, have hope! xo!


  1. Stumble across your blog and this particular article and you made my day better. Thank you!

    1. Hi Vivian!

      I'm so happy to hear that. Sometimes things seem hopeless, but what a lot of us forget is that we can make our own hope and ride it out of the harder times. You just made MY day better!

      Thanks for taking the time to read the post.
      It means a lot.

      Have a great day!