My Name Is Nami...And I'm Addicted to Sunglasses...

Ever since I stole my mother's vintage Dior's back in the 90's (it's ok, she can live without them), I've discovered something very dark...(I guess you could consider that a pun.) The fact of the matter is, I have a serious addiction to sunglasses (and shoes, but more on that in another post some time.)

Our once organized little table by our front door is now piled with sunnies of all shapes and sizes thanks to my habit. I blame Gilt & their mobile app. It's not uncommon for me to buy a pair of sunglasses in about 5 minutes via phone while I'm in the car with Charlesband. It happened just last weekend, actually, and after receiving my newest pair in the mail, I realized that this blogpost probably had to happen.

To be fair, I live in Los Angeles and spent the first few months squinting in the sun and slowly giving myself crow's feet. I realized I didn't wear sunglasses as much when I was in NYC. I'm assuming it's because of the high buildings and the lack of direct sunlight. LA's wonderful weather is great for my mood (I probably have enough vitamin D stored in my body to last me through several polar nights up in the Antarctic without falling into a deep depression), but less great for the skin around my eyes, which is why I use that as an excuse whenever I buy yet another pair of sunglasses.

Another thing about sunnies (much like shoes - and this will explain my addiction to both) is that they require no tailoring. They either fit or don't fit. The end. And they usually do fit, so it causes me less stress and are less likely to make me feel bad about my body. Can we just take a minute to talk about how many tops I've put on that are wrinkly at the chest? Like, "Alright, I get it. My boobs are not big enough to fill out these damn darts and I'm not willing to wear bras with so much padding I feel like I'm wearing armor!" On second thought, let's not talk about that...but you get what I'm saying.

I'm also bracing myself for Broome St. General Store (my favorite local shop for the best coffee and the best everything) to start stocking Oliver Peoples sunnies according to Peter, one of the owners. I swear, my legacy to my children is going to just be a lot of sunglasses...but at least they'll have eye protection.

My thoughts when it comes to actual styles of sunglasses? I'm a fan of HUMONGOUS as gigantic as possible. I always feel like it makes my face look smaller - thanks, body dysmorphia. I have a sneaking suspicion that aviators make me look like my face is melting, but I have a pair anyway, and have just recently gotten into the whole super-circular look. They make me look like Gir. And just in case you don't believe me:

So, which are your favorite sunglass brands? Which shapes do you find the most flattering? Please share...because I'm always up for a new pair...obviously. xo!

A Note About the Sunglasses: Click on the image to enlarge it - info is listed.

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