Dear Dad...

I would be lying if I told you that my father and I had the perfect relationship all throughout my life, but what I can say with total honesty is that the relationship my father and I have now, despite 3,000 miles of distance, is incredibly strong...and I still weep every time we have to say goodbye. (I'm such a wimp.)

After years of rebellion, arguments, mature discussions, long emails, family gatherings, and great conversations, we've ended up where we are today. He taught me that "love" isn't just a word, but a lifetime of experiences, lessons, laughter, hardship, and celebration...that saying that you love someone isn't nearly as important as showing them that you do.

From the age of 5, he was preparing me for life. Martial arts lessons, high academic expectations, and a blind faith that I knew he had in me from a young age. Whenever he got mad. Whenever he was disappointed. It always ended up having to do with something I did that may effect my future. He always meant well...something I may not have realized during my tumultuous younger years.

It took almost 30 years for him to say "I love you" out loud. A few bad relationships and near-poverty level instances in my life (due to my immense pride and need to not ask for help - stupid in retrospect) for him to see me for who I am. He and my mother were there to pick me up when I fell and lift me higher when I succeeded.

He taught me to always aim upwards, go farther, and keep moving...never settle...and for that, I'm eternally grateful.

So, on this Father's Day, even though we're on opposite sides of the country, I'm thinking of my Dad.
Love you, Pop! xo!


  1. Hey Nami,

    This was written beautifully and a great picture. I remember your dad use to make you go to Kendo classes.

    Just this picture can bring tears to ones eyes.

    1. Ugh. Kendo class...that was the worst when I was younger, but it taught me lots of lessons.
      Thanks for reading this.
      My dad told me it made him cry. He's getting soft. :)

      I'm just glad we're in a good place now.
      Hope you and your fam are doing well!


  2. Dear Nami from Nami(!)
    I had to comment here since it was as if... you were writing about me and my dad.
    My father also lives far away and with my mom gone... he is the only one left for me.
    Yes... it rips me when I leave him after meeting him. I totally feel you.
    Also 100% sure that he can not be more happy that you are living happy life although miles and miles away.
    from other Nami :)

    1. Another Nami!!! How rare! So great to hear from you. :D

      Japanese dads can be difficult, stubborn, and strict when we're growing up, but they always have our best interests in mind. :)
      I'm glad you and your father have a close relationship despite being miles apart.
      Cheers to our wonderful fathers.
      Hope you see him again soon!