The Hair & Now

Admit it. You love the punny titles.

Aaanyway, after pondering what I was going to write about, I decided to go with a recent occurrence (yesterday) and where my head is at regarding said occurrence - literally & figuratively.
It's about my hair.
I know. Deep.

So, my days have been ridiculously busy recently, which gives me very little time to perfect my "Cleopatra Disco Elf" (I'm copywriting that...and am calling it C.D.E for short) hair in the morning. If you forgot what it looks like, you can see it here.

To get it just right takes patience, great wrist dexterity, clips, mirror angling, and the type of arm exercises that will stop arm sag in its tracks (which may be a good reason to continue doing it...aside from the "it takes a million years" part.) I'm Asian, but, honey, I don't roll out of bed with silken, stick straight locks, ready to hold a rice-paper whatever and serve tea. None of us do. We're just portrayed that way in every popular everything since the beginning of time. In short, C.D.E hair doesn't happen when I have a crazy looking inbox at 6am, 7am conference calls, massive reports due, and pitches to brainstorm around.

Sorry. No dice.

I also take showers at night because 1) I hate the idea of having sheets covered in the days dust & germs & dirt 2) going to sleep clean makes me pass out faster and 3) I like having clean skin slathered in cream to help maximize my skin regeneration. However, this leaves me with wet hair when I go to sleep which is a real crap shoot. I never know what my head will look like when I's not the kind of surprise one gets excited for. Ever.

With that said, I've been going with rolling-out-of-bed hair...not necessarily by choice. Luckily, it's long enough now where even if I go to sleep with wet hair, I don't look...let's call it "avant-garde" in the morn.

Of course, rolling-out-of-bed hair is not exactly "bedhead." It is in the literal sense, but a sexy boudoir-ready Bardot-like creature I am not when I rise from the crypt that is my bed. "Corpse-like" doesn't even get close to my state of unconsciousness when I'm asleep. I'm pretty sure Husband Charles and Mr. Merlin have parties in the apartment every night and Charles claiming he suffers from insomnia is really just a cover-up for all the crazy mobs he keeps inviting over. I can only assume piñatas and Twister are involved. (Note: Husband Charles does actually suffer from insomnia, poor thing.)


So, yes, rolling-out-of-bed hair...or R.O.O.B. as I will now refer to it. I was kinda like "alright. Cool. I'm totally doing the Jane Birkin thing or whatever." Of course, my inner C.D.E was freaking out, but hey, if you don't have time, you don't have time.

Cut to me in the office yesterday and a random guy I don't know knocks on our glass door, pops his head in and says, "Did you do something different with your hair?"

To which I responded, "If by 'something' you mean rolled out of bed...then, yes, it's different that way."

And he looks at me and says, "well, it looks great!"

Now, I'm not a "OMG, a boy said I was pretty!" type, but I was admittedly dumbfounded and then very quickly on Team R.O.O.B...quicker than I could grab a red vine out of our red vine stash to chomp on it victoriously.

Saving time? I'm all about it...AND for the record, this man was not trying to get my number...unless he wanted to go on a fabulous shopping date and talk about boys. You get me? So, I'm not changing my hair habits because a Neanderthal wanted to get in my pants. I just decided to make my life easier because gay men generally have impeccable taste and I'd like to spend the little time I have doing things I enjoy rather than getting carpal tunnel because my ends won't curl in at just the right angle.

So, that's where I'm at right now. Team R.O.O.B. all the way. I'm gonna Birkin the shit outta this town! xo!


  1. R.O.O.B. FOREVER! Sometimes I rock it if my hair was curled the day before and don't even brush it. o_0 Either that or I put it up in a messy pony tail. My boyfriend recently told me I looked "hot" when I had my hair like that. Haha! :D

    1. Nina, my love!

      Oh, boys do dig a messy head, I've realized. ;)
      I'm definitely team R.O.O.B! Glad to hear someone's on the team with me.
      Love to you & Rory!