Quote of the Week: Elegance

I know, I know. I've been slacking again. I'm back in NYC and work is doing that whole "taking over my life" thing. It's fine. I don't mind working hard and it's good to see my co-workers face-to-face (plus I'm with my pup & he's gettin' lots of co-worker love in the form of treats & such), but sometimes it takes a toll on my lil' bloggy blog.

With that said, I wanted to get straight to our quote of the week. It's a bit of a late nod to Mother's Day. (Yes, I didn't post it on Mother's Day because I was on a plane most of the day en route to see my own, shoot me!)

Now then...elegance. As long as I can remember, my mother has had it. Could be from her years in Japanese theatre as a highschool & college student. Her tea service lessons. Her flower arranging lessons. Growing up in Japan in the era that she did. But there are plenty of women who have gone through the same training that just don't have what Mom's got. And that's when it becomes very clear that her elegance starts in the mind.

So, naturally, everything else came easily to her. She oozes elegance and I can only hope to match her in that department at some point...between my impromptu dance parties (by myself) and my sitting on the couch playing videogames with the world's worst posture, full of takeout food...


Ok...Maybe that elegance will never come. It usually takes a black tie event and a dress that requires great posture for me to turn on the elegance. It's somewhere in there. Husband Charles has called me goofy & graceful at the same time. (gooceful...or grafey.) Not sure how that works, but I'll take it.

I can only hope that I grow into some of that elegance that Mom has at some point. In the meantime, I'm going to flex my brain muscles and get the elegance synapses firing in hopes that something happens. For now, I celebrate my elegant, intelligent, beautiful, and loving mother who's seen me through so many years of madness. I wouldn't be who I am or where I am today without her support.

Mom, I salute you!

Hope you all got a chance to salute your Mom's this past weekend! Now then, back to work! Have a great week! xo!

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