On Wardrobe Dichotomy...

I have a dream...

That one day I will have a closet made up of the most basic and wonderful items that, no matter how I combine them, will always produce a smart, cohesive and wildly fashionable outcome.

Much like my dream to have matching hangers, this dream, I've realized, will likely never be a reality. After some recent clothing and accessory choices, I've come to the disturbing conclusion that I'm suffering from a very deep wardrobe dichotomy. Preppy/Classic vs. Mad Maxian/Rocker Chic.

So deep, I may never be able to dig myself out of it.

Ne'er the to two shall meet. I've tried. I can't...and don't even try to bring tartan into this. That would have been my only saving grace, but I look terrible in tartan. I shall never reach the only possible crossroads of these two diametrically opposed styles: punk-prep.

The most I can create is a slightly more Mad Maxian version of Elvis with his sailory striped shirt and leather jacket...but even then, my demise is that my carmel colored oxfords (which match my striped shirt and dark denim cuffed jeans) grossly clash with my flats it is. (Always a safezone.)

What's even more disturbing is the fact that Husband Charles (I'm gonna start calling him "Charlesband" from now on) has the same dichotomy, but is ok with it. I'm still coming to terms with the fact that I will never see that wardrobe that I can blindly take from with the promise of sartorial success. I know, I know. So sad. This life of mine. What a huge problem. (Feel free to eye roll till it hurts here.)

Am I just crazy for thinking I could seriously stick to only one fashion genre and get away with it? Why does it seem like everyone else has that ability? More importantly, why can't I get my post-apocalytic leather to match my fresh, preppy classics?

And more importantly still, why am I writing a blog post about this of all things when life is crazy with work and I have lots of things going on (which is the answer to "why haven't you posted in FOREVER, fairweather blogger?!")

I dunno. My brain's not working right now.
I have work to do, a short story I'm working on, headshots I need to finalize, an audition to prepare for, editorial calendars to hand in, a website to build, pilots to write, web shorts to plan, dogs to walk, apartments to clean, dishes to do...

I'm PMSing. The end.

But seriously, I'll write something substantial again soon. Bear with me for now. xo!

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