You've Got the Magic Tatcha: Revitalizing Eye Cream (A Skincare Review)

Ok, so seemingly overnight I went from someone who never used eye cream to someone who now religiously uses eye cream. I'm ok with having wrinkles, but if I can fight off said wrinkles for a few extra years, why not? Especially since I'm notoriously bad about the skin around my eyes.

Do I forget my big sunglasses pretty often? Yes...but instead of avoiding the sun, I walk around in it, squinting like a blind mouse. Do I rub my eyes? Yesss...a lot. I'm always messing with my eye area and always seem to get things in my eyes. That one lone fluff of pollen on the other side of the street? Yeah, it'll end up in my eye somehow (rub, rub, rub.) That and my habit of not blinking enough (I get sucked into my laptop & forget to) which causes my contacts to rebel...which leads to more eye rubbing.

In short (that wasn't short at all), I need magic cream at night to help nuture my ravaged eye area.

So, what a welcome sight it was to find my favorite new skincare friends at Tatcha (who happen to be pun enthusiasts - yay, puns! - and with a company name like the one they have, how could they not be?!) had decided to surprise me with a little package one sunny, eye-skin demolishing, Los Angeles afternoon. When I opened up the box, I found a jar of their Ageless Revitalizing Eye Cream (as well as another product I'm still waiting to use - I'm going to try it post-Japan after tons of flying. I'll need it.)

Behold! The secret to a smooth eye area!

So, here's the skinny (or shall we say "the smooth!")

Usage: Night Time - Every Day
Upon first opening the jar I thought, "Hmmm. That's it?" (it seems like a rather small jar) which was silly of me because the minute I touched the cream I realized just how dense and nourishing this experience was going to be and how little I would ultimately need to use each night. How do I explain this. It's light and dense at the same time. Whipped and creamy, but packed with moisture. It's like sleeping in silk pajamas on silk sheets...but for your eyes...and without fear of slipping off the bed from all the silkiness.

The Bottom Line:
The Holy Grail of eye creams (which makes sense on so many levels. Youth in cream form, anyone?) It not only reduces wrinkles, it also reduces puffiness, dark circles, and eye spots. To be fair, I didn't have eye spots, so I can't say that it's helping me there, but I do suffer from puffy eyes in the morning (I could cut down on my salt intake, yes, but salty foods make me happy and who would want to steal that kind of happiness from me?) That and dark circles, which have slowly begun to creep into my life. Luckily, this cream showed up just in time to help it creep out of my life before any real damage.

As for application, it's super simple...and, lucky for us, Tatcha has great how-to videos on their products. So, this is how you use it (and a little product info):

Personally, I use a slightly lighter eye cream during the day (I wear eye make-up and fake lashes and all that stuff, so I tend to use lighter creams to avoid smudging) and use this cream at night to help my skin while it's rejuvenating overnight. It's just personal preference, but the cream definitely absorbs beautifully for daytime use. If there's a day where I don't plan on wearing a lot of eye make-up (a.k.a when pigs are flying over a frozen-over hell), I'll definitely be slathering this eye cream on in the mornings too. Perhaps my upcoming flight would be a good time to test this out.

I've been using it for roughly two weeks at this point, which included a flight to NYC and back. Even with the grueling flying, drying recycled plane air, too many lattes, not enough water, and less sleep than I should have been getting, the skin around my eyes is so much smoother than three weeks ago. I wake up in the mornings now and admire my skin (in a totally objective, non-self-centered way, obviously.) And with a 6:30am work start-time, this cream is working miracles if my eyes are looking bright and ready for the day before the sun is out.

Really, my skin overall has been excellent thanks to Tatcha's other skincare products I've been using (you can read about them here.) So, thank you to Tatcha for saving my eyes from a premature trek over the aging hill. This cream really is the icing on the cake...or...the perfect finishing Tatcha. (The puns just keep on coming, folks!) xoxo!


  1. Wow your review is so nice. Can you actually do a blog about your skincare routine?

  2. Stumbled upon your review on Tatcha's Eye Cream. Dude you sound like a very fun person. Diggin your blog now and absolutely love it haha keep posting!

    1. Hey Lorraine!

      Man, I hope I'm fun...that's something I never thought about, but happy to hear I sound like I am! ;) Thanks for takin' a read. I really appreciate it. I'll keep posting until I've run out of things to rant about...which will probably be...never.

      Thanks again!!!