Sunday Styles no. 28

Ahhhhhh...the coast. Yep, Husband Charles and I are in La Jolla today. We came down to visit family who are vacationing here and decided to stay for a night. It's been sea air, the hum of crashing waves, and lots of strolls, tidepools, salt, sand, and surfers.

It's been a joy and I really wish we could stay here all week, but, alas, I'm back on an NYC-bound plane tomorrow. At least all that furlough business is over and air traffic control is back in action by tonight. I really wasn't into the idea of having a delayed flight.

Aaaanyway, enough about flying. I want to savor my last remaining hours here...and though the weather hasn't been super-sunny, it's been the type of overcast that lets you take brisk walks without boiling alive. It's been wonderful. So, I'm keeping it comfy, cozy today...

Yes. Zebras, to me, have some connection to adventure...beaches do too...And though you won't find zebras on the beach here in San Diego, somehow it all makes sense to me. This sweater in particular, with it's wide tailoring is stupendously comfortable and great for layering which is just what I need here.

So, there ya have it. Preppy, beachy, adventurey magic! Back to strolling before we have to head back to LA! Hope you're all having a wonderful Sunday! xo!

A Note About The Clothing: Uniqlo Park (no longer available), Gap 1969 Legging Jean, J. Crew Factory Camp Shirt (Classic Navy), Madewell Studio Sweater in Zebra, Madewell Holepunch Sidewalk Skimmers

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