Sunday Styles no. 26

So, I'm back from Japan...but I haven't organized myself to the point where I can give you a full review on my trip. With that said, I figured a Sunday Styles post would be the best way for me to ease back into blogging.

I apologize in advance for my lack of verbal panache. My brain is still foggy from the jetlag, but I wanted to share a new sartorial love. Who knows how long it'll last, but I'm really into graphic sweaters right now. I recently went power-shopping for sweaters at one of my favorite stores for knits: Madewell.

And, seriously, right now is the perfect time for thin sweaters. Spring is the season for fun knits, am I right? ( I am. Just in case you were unsure.)

So, what did I get?

Did I mention both of these sweaters were on sale? I mean, c'mon! How can you go wrong? These are easy pieces. Comfy, but visually stimulating and not difficult to wear. Wear them alone, with pants, jeans, skirts, or with a collared shirts many possibilities. Thin enough to wear under a snug jacket too!

And just a quick word on how to work the Madewell system. All of their fabulous clothes move fast. If you see something you like, it'll likely be on sale the next week. Whether they'll have your size or not? No guarantee. It's a risk you'll have to take if you want to save some cash. (Note: I'm not sure if this is the case with all Madewells, but it sure as hell is how it works at the Madewell at the Americana in Glendale.)

The week after that, the item will likely be gone. So, that's how you work that system. If you want it and you think you'll wear it forever, then get it. I've received countless compliments on all the sweaters I've purchased there and for good reason. They're made well (I didn't even mean to write that as a pun...) and have pretty classic, but quirky prints and patterns.

Also, (and Husband Charles can attest to this) I have a serious sweater problem. Sweater addiction is more like it. But, really, aren't sweaters the perfect piece of clothing?

Alright. Enough. I need to go do something mindless and concentrate on staying awake during the day. It's back to work for me tomorrow, so I need to shake this jetlag and get back on track. Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend! xo!

A Note About the Clothes: Madewell Blockstep Sweater, Madewell Pink/Grey/Black Sweater - no longer available (I tried to find it, but couldn't!), Gap 1969 Legging Jean, Madewell Holepunch Sidewalk Skimmers


  1. You look very pretty in this piece, I wonder what size is this Blockstep Sweater on you. They have x-small and medium online on sale.

    1. Hello there!

      The pink sweater is an XS and the red sweater is an S. :)
      Hope this helps.
      I generally wear one or the other size-wise.
      I definitely don't like when my sweaters are too tight!

      Hope you get it and enjoy it! :D