Quote of the Week: Parents

Post-Japan, this quote of the week couldn't be more fitting. Though my parents have been very generous in countless ways, a lot of my upbringing was spent guiding me and instilling in me a spirit of reverence. From a little 5 year old Nami, learning to meditate, to understand honor, respect, and willpower along with learning the art of Japanese understanding the importance of elders, ancient history, and nature. This trip really put things into perspective for me and helped me center myself again.

After strolling along rows of cherry blossoms, sipping matcha tea, seeing my 95 year old grandmother (who, by the way, looks fantastic for her age), laughing with cousins, bowing to aunts and uncles, visiting temples, breathing in fresh air, eating heartily, admiring the maple trees and taking the time to listen rather than speak (sometimes being rusty in your second language gives you a chance to just sit and marvel at stories from your relatives), I'm wholly renewed and very much inspired.

So, this quote of the week is a thanks to my mother and father for pulling me away from work and the craziness of every day life to remind me about the important things and to help me realize that you have to spend time with the ones you love as much as you can. Normally being 3,000 miles away from my parents combined with seeing my grandmother for, probably, the very last time made me think hard about the future and how to spend my time.

Alright. Time to try to sleep. This jetlag is killer! xo!

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