On A Great Dove Campaign, Getting Weepy, & Getting Happy

So, I may or may not (this means I totally do) have a tendency to get a little weepy during some commercials. I usually chalk it up to an extra-hard week at work, overall exhaustion, or a visit from the cardinal (I hope you get that. I don't want to have to explain it to you.) A good example of a commercial that gets me EVER . SINGLE . TIME . is this one...

(By the way, I totally teared up watching this again before I posted it...and I'm not even tired or moody! Damn you, Google Chrome!!!)

Anyway, what I'm trying to get at is the Dove video that owned the Internet last week. Did you get a chance to catch it? If not, check it out here:

I've been told (in the kindest way possible because I was told by dear friends) that I had a tendency to cut myself down a lot when it came to my physical features. I was told I was pretty and that it's unfair for me to complain about how I'm feeling about my looks on any given day...but this commercial clears things up. Body dysmorphia...disconnects in how we see ourselves versus how the world sees us. It's all very real. The sad thing is, without exercises like this video, most of us will never know how the world actually sees us. We'll only see ourselves how we see ourselves and sometimes (as the video very blatantly shows) it isn't the truth.

A good example is my sister. I love my sister. She's gorgeous, fit, and amazing. Not even going into all her intellectual & emotional capabilities, let's just talk about her physically. She is the thinnest person I know. Not unhealthy (she eats well and runs often...and manages a house of 3 children with insane schedules.) She's incredibly healthy & in great shape. She is also not one to hold back. She will occasionally indulge. She enjoys food. She enjoys wine. She knows how to have a good time.

But, no matter what, and she told me this herself, she will always think of herself as fat..or maybe not fat...but chubby. That is INSANITY. She's beautiful...AND thin as a whip! But it's just not how she sees herself...and I won't knock her for it. All I can do is support her and be open with my compliments because I have my hang-up's too. A judgey finger shall not be cast on any woman of any shape or size if she complains about her looks because everyone has the right to vent about their looks if they want...because, for all we know, they look in the mirror and see a harpy staring back at them.

My hang-up's often make Husband Charles scoff, laugh...he basically thinks I'm crazy...but even though he may softly protest and mention my insanity, he'll never get angry at me. He'll just be supportive and, sometimes, that's all I need. A trip to the local Pinkberry doesn't hurt either.

Meanwhile, where does it all come from? I suspect puberty. That era where everyone is their least attractive, generally speaking. I had a moon-face, horrible skin, and a weirdly-shaped body (or what I like to call "Dear G-d, what in the world is happening to meeeee!?") That's what I got during puberty...and it's stuck with me.

On exceptionally bad days, when I look into the mirror (ready for this nonsense?), I see a huge, round face, tiny eyes, a short neck, crazy linebacker shoulders, a wide ribcage, non-existant boobs, a flat butt, no curves, short legs, big calves and a neck and ankles that are too thin...basically, I'm like a shapeless mass of blah.

On good days, I see something much more pleasant.

And I'll be honest, the more interesting & fun things I'm doing with my life...the more intellectually stimulated and active I am, the more I suspect I'm closer to how people really see me. I realized this after I moved to Los Angeles. I had no friends, worked from home, and had to rebuild my life. My self-esteem plummeted to zero and I suddenly felt so ugly and gross. Ugh. It was horrible.

Poor Husband Charles had to deal with me and my moodiness. While his life was already established. His friend network, career...all of it. I was lost, alone, and scared...and I resented him, even though I shouldn't have. It's not like he put a gun to my head and made me move to LA...although, to be fair, he put a ring on it and probably didn't think about who was moving where...All I can say is, he took it like a champ and I eventually got out of my rut.

Now, with a solid friend network, career, hobbies, and the ability to finally relax once in a while, how I see myself physically, as strange as it may sound, has vastly changed...What I'm trying to say is that your happiness is directly connected to how you see yourself...which is so odd, but I totally stand by my theory.

So, do yourself a favor and do whatever you have to do to be happy. You're the most beautiful when you're smiling.

And to get you started on the smiling part, here's an ingenious parody on the Dove video that, initially, offended the crap out of me...but then had me laughing...

So good.

Bravo to Dove for their campaign.
Let the women in your life know how beautiful you think they are and cheers to your happiness! xo!


  1. Dear my, I absolutely enjoyed this. I'm reading it at work and I began to weep quietly to myself. And then I watched the parody, I literally laughed out loud. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. So glad you enjoyed it!
      A good cry and a good laugh are two things everyone needs once in a while.
      Hope it lightened up your workday!

      Thanks for taking the time to read the post.
      It means a lot to me! :)