No Question Left Unanswered!

Happy Friday, everyone! (It couldn't have come soon enough. My jetlag is still killing me.)

So, what's today's post going to be about? Let me tell ya! I was notified by my dearest Fancy Geek (Le Fancy Geek, if you wanna get technical), Nina, that she had a list of questions for me to answer. Being the neurotic person that I am, I feel extreme urgency when given an assignment. (This would be a good explanation for why I man many hours of social media conversations at my day night...on the weekends...whenever, wherever. Sometimes I think smartphones are the devil.) So, with a list of 11 awesome questions on the burner, how could I go on without getting them answered?

So, this post is for Nina and her amazing questions...because, well, she's an amazing blogger and my "Dark Side Sister." (Star Wars reference. Run away screaming if you must, anti-geeks!)

By the way, this was the first image I ever saw of Nina and the one that made me totally girl crush on her...thanks to her, I was able to find my Darth sweater! <3 See her post that started this love fest here.

Ready? It's gonna be a little slapdash, but a lot of fun.
Ok, let's do this!

Who is your favorite Disney princess and why? We all have one, so don't dare say you don't!

Easy. Jasmine. She had a mastery of statement jewelry, took fantastic care of her hair, great eyebrows, omg-amazing eyeliner, wore pants, wore blue, bit of a rebel-runaway, scrappy, wasn't waiting for Prince Charming or marriage for that matter, AND (obviously the most important) had an awesome Tiger named Raja. Need I say more?

What song must you play at full blast and sing along to in the car?

A: OMG by Usher...complete with any dance moves I can muster from the waist up without getting in an accident.

Aaaaand Suit & Tie by Justin Timberlake. Complete with falsetto, Jay-Z slow rap breakdown, and dance moves.

What's your poison? (I stick to water for the most part, but I do love me some Root Beer.)

Behold the beautiful & mighty Ritz Cracker. A lot of my readers already know this about me, but no matter how healthy I'm trying to be, if you leave me in a room with a box of Ritz Crackers, the likelihood of you returning an hour later to find a completely demolished box and Nami, napping in the corner covered in crumbs is high...actually, it's certain to happen. I can also do this with clementines (without the crumbs. Think "pile of peels" instead.) I will never lack in iodine and will never get scurvy. So...yay?

What's your favorite kind of dessert?

A: Chocolate Lava Cake (the darker the chocolate and oozier the middle, the better), chiffon cake (the airier and I-felt-like-I-didn't-just-eat-something-the-size-of-my-head the better - see the above image for reference), or Red Velvet Cake. Get me a red velvet cake from Sweet Lady Jane and the likelihood of me consuming 1000x my daily recommended sugar serving will go from zero to happiness will also work on the same scale. I may start weeping mid-cake. These tears will be tears of joy and confusion.

If Ben & Jerry made a namesake ice cream for you like 30 Rock's Liz Lemon, what ingredients would you want them to include in it?

Sea salt, caramel, dark chocolate, and bacon. I think it would have to be called You Say Unhealthy, Nami Says YOLO.

If you knew you were dying tomorrow, what would be your last meal? (I'm so hungry, can you tell by my questions?)

My mother's miso & butter potatoes, Japanese-style curry, and seaweed salad. Finished off with my mother's lemon-poppyseed cake or cream puffs and a mug of Japanese tea...followed by a long nap. Any of my mother's homecooking, really. I wish I had gotten her awesome-cooking genes. (Gratuitous photo of Mom and me for fun included!)

What is your most prized possession?

Assuming we're not counting people or pets as possessions, I would probably go for my antique star sapphire ring passed down from my g-ma to my mother to me. I'm a sucker for multi-generational items.

What are you currently obsessed with? (movie, tv show, book, music, etc.)

Classical music streaming in the apartment at all times, Grace: A Memoir by Grace Coddington, and working on my 5th character in Skyrim. What goes together better than classical music, reading, and videogames? (A lot of things...but, whatevs.)

What movie can you recite word for word (or at least 85% of)?

It used to be Tiny Toons: How I Spent My Summer Vacation (I was in elementary school) and Wayne's World (also in elementary school), but now, I'm lucky if I can remember what I watched 30 seconds ago. However, I'm good at repeating skits by Eddie Izzard and Jim Gaffigan. (Here are some clips about cake. Yay, cake.)

Are there any fashion trends you fell victim to that you immensely regret? (I rocked a vinyl mini backpack and short sleeve velvet turtlenecks, but it was the 90's and I was 10 so I guess it's okay...?)

I bleached my hair white and went through a raver phase. My pants were so gigantic and my t-shirts so little. I had an anime hairstyle and Frank Sinatra on my discman on repeat. No one knew about the latter...Those were dark days. Well, except for the Sinatra. You can't really feel excessively dark when you listen to Summer Wind over and over again...maybe unbearably nostalgic or sentimental.

Say we're living in the realm of Harry Potter and you are a witch - what would your patronus be and why? If you're not into Harry Potter (but seriously, why wouldn't you be?!) what/who would your spirit animal be and why?

Without a doubt, my patronus would be Mr. Merlin. Yep, my pup. We share similar characteristics: enjoy getting haircuts, grumpy when sleepy, like cuddling, eating, staring off into the distance, appreciate things that smell good, can smize, like to be warm, and whine via sad, pathetic sounds among other things.

His name is Mr. Merlin. I mean, c'mon.

Aaaaand, there ya have it!
Hopefully, you learned a thing or two about me and my (bizarre) world. Now, it's off to spend a nice dinner with Husband Charles after a long, hard week of work. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Be back on Sunday for the Sunday Styles!

Shout-out to Nina again for being so ridiculously girl-crush-able! xo!


  1. Dark Side Sisters 4 LIFE!!!

    Ben & Jerry need to make that You Say Unhealthy, Nami Says Yolo ice cream ASAP because that sh!t sounds delicious! Wait, am I allowed to say sh!t on your blog? Oh, look at that, I just said it twice. Oops. But we're on the Dark Side, we get to say things like that... right? o,0 Anywho, I love the fact that Mr. Merlin would be your patronus <3 And I totally agree that Rajah obviously gives Princess Jasmine extra cool points. Awesome answers all around, but I wouldn't ever expect anything less from you ;)

    Your Dark Side Sister,

    1. Ninaaaaa!

      After writing about that ice cream, I instantly wanted to make it happen.
      Might be time to get me an ice cream maker.
      I mean, I could probably get the same effect by combining all of those things into a bowl...or my mouth.
      Might have to make THAT happen if I can't get an ice cream maker.

      Meanwhile, thanks for the amazing questions. You kill it every time!
      One of these days, you're gonna have to get out to LA.
      We can dork it up and wear our Darth gear together.

      Your Dark Side Sister,