Sunday Styles no. 24

I have a new obsession. JT's Suit & Tie! I've been listening to it non-stop. It's the perfect song for this wonderfully warm, sunny, SoCal weekend! And, in true dancer fashion, I've made this week's Sunday Styles an ode to easy in, danceable fashion. (Granted, I didn't go with a suit & tie like I should've, but it's a weekend. Gimme a break.)

Keep it simple, maybe show a little skin, and prepare for the warm weather. (To be honest, I usually wear this top with high-waisted pants, but I didn't want that restricted feeling today.) That's all there is to it...that and wear flats because we've all been at that party where the DJ was poppin', the dancefloor was hoppin', and we were wearing platform heels and couldn't get down like we really wanted to. (Flashback to me at last year's holiday party - platform, suede peep-toes are like dance suicide.)

So, to all my friends, whether you're basking in the sun on the west coast or enjoying the first signs of spring on the east coast, have a good dance off for me with the one you love or a bunch of friends. Nothing will get you smiling like a little cutting of the rug. 

And for those who haven't heard the song or seen the video yet, here it is!

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend! xo!

A Note About the Clothes: Grey Cropped Top (I'll be honest, I don't remember where I got it, but here's something similar), Gap 1969 Ankle Zip Legging Jeans (Black) - no longer available (but here are some alternatives), Madewell Holepunch Sidewalk Skimmers (Black)


  1. You've got crazy abs! HOT!!!

    1. Tina, they're not as hot as your foil-head look and we both know it.
      Mwah! Thanks, love!