Sunday Styles no. 22

So, once in a while, I get a haircut that calls for a few new threads. After my most recent chop (really, it was just a trim, but an artful, life-changing one, if you can believe it), I found myself in desperate want of a jumpsuit.

I know. Odd. Not the most common craving, but a jumpsuit has been on my list of "things to get" for a while. Harem pants, a leather baseball cap, a felt baseball cap, more geometric jewelry, and massive, thick-rimmed, circular sunglasses are also on that list.

However, I'm not an avid jumpsuit wearer. I've never owned one, but was dead-set on finding one and giving it a test run. In cases like these, I'll usually go the way of a slightly more affordable piece of clothing so I don't have immense buyers remorse. I'll be honest, I faltered at first. I almost didn't purchase one, but my dear Kristin was there to support (a.k.a demand) my purchase...this was the result:

Husband Charles and my Mother-in-Law, Tracy, (who shall, henceforth, be called "Mom-in-Law Tracy") both agreed that this was a throwback to Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface! (Maybe you caught the reference, maybe you didn't...if not, you can see it here.) If you haven't seen the movie, you need to go do that right now. Talk about a perfect, semi-violent, Sunday activity!

Anyway, there ya have it. This new haircut is leading me down a path of dramatic, disco fashion choices and, after some soul-searching, I've realized I'm totally ok with that. In fact, I'm embracing the change. Whoever said disco was dead is a liar (and, possibly a thief...and if not a thief, then just a really unreliable source of information.)

I have a feeling I may have to increase the number of jumpsuits in my closet stat. Those are words I never expected to see on the blog, but here they are - plain as day! First though, time to relax a little on this sunny LA Sunday. Might have to put the jumpsuit away for a more fabulous evening soiree and get into some proper Sunday gear. Just had to share my new sartorial revelation! Hope you have a great rest of the weekend! xo!

A Note About the Clothes: Sparkle & Fade Surplice Flutter Sleeve Jumper, Penny Loves Kenny Platform Sandal - no longer available


  1. You look awesome! great hair and jumpsuit.

    1. Awww, Tina! Thank you so much!
      You're too sweet.

      Hope your ends are feeling better after the ombré!