Still Figuring It Out: Tavi Gevinson & ELLE Speak to My Inner Artist

Ok, I think it's no surprise that I'm having another life crisis. Whatevs, I deal with them all the time. (What, you don't?) It's part of my schtick at this point...the weird thing is that all these things around me are popping up. Videos I hadn't seen before, articles I start reading for the hell of it that end up speaking to my soul. I mean, I'm pretty sure it's that whole horoscope phenomenon...but, let's assume it's not and that not everyone will read or watch what I'm watching and relate to it on some insanely deep level.

So, let's start with the first thing...

Do you know who Tavi Gevinson is? I recall many a year ago, hearing about a fashion blogging w√ľnderkind who began her stellar career at the ripe ol' age of eleven. Yes. Young, intelligent, fashion-forward, thoughtful. Impressive....very impressive and totally relatable. I recall checking her blog, aptly named Style Rookie and falling in love.

And after a ton of success in the fashion world, she branched out to voice her thoughts on more than just fashion...which is when I REALLY fell in love with her. And, most recently, I stumbled upon the TED talk she did in 2012 (sorry, a little delayed, I know, but I have a bad tendency to miss things.)

Did you watch it? (If not, watch it!)

I felt like I was listening to what I wished my inner high school self had always been (she's always with me...even today...and is as cynical as ever, even when I don't want her to be...and she still hems and haws when I wear too much color or makes a barfing sound when I make a questionable make-up choice or write something super sappy.)

Anyway, what I'm getting at is that she touches on this familiar feeling...the feeling of "still figuring it out." I was doing that at her age and I keep doing it year after year. At first I thought I was just unfocused or scared or confused...and, yes, I've had those moments too. And, yes, I feel crazy sometimes...and, as Tavi so aptly points out, it's not because I'm a woman. It's because people are crazy and women are a category of people.

On top of Tavi's super endearing talk (a.k.a this makes me feel better about having flaws...because that makes me more interesting, RIGHT?), I just finished reading this article in the latest issue of Elle about a woman who is struggling to figure out her career path. The question of wanting nice things (or just being able to afford things)...about following your creative path...about understanding what success is. The article is called I'm For Sale, in this month's issue. I suggest anyone who's having that crisis between wanting to follow your dreams, but also wanting a new pair of shoes or the ability to pay rent to read it.

My brain is in so many places right now. Tavi brought up the point of being allowed to be pretty and be a feminist. The article talks about how you're allowed to want things and question your life and your career. (Apparently, women have at least 7 things they focus on when it comes to success according to the article, which makes navigating life a lot harder.)

In short, I'm still figuring it out. Yep.

And on that note, I just flew into NYC last night for business, so today's crazy busy! I gotta run!
Hope you get a chance to check out the TED talk and pick up the latest Elle issue (or read it at the bookstore/newstand.) Much love to you all! xoxo!


  1. Cool video, I always wondered about her. Really smart and impressive...makes sense now.


    1. Tinaaaa!
      Ack, sorry for the late reply!
      Yes, I'm a Tavi fan. The more mature she gets, the more I love her.

      If only I had been so insightful at that young an age. :)


  2. Hey Namz, do you have the name of the author who wrote that article in Elle? I can't find it on the interwebs and I don't think the issue is on sale anymore. I'm having myself a career crisis so maybe it will inspire me. :)

    1. Hey Girl!

      The article is called "I'm for Sale" by Genevieve Smith.
      It's the April issue of ELLE with Nicki Minaj on the cover.
      Page 315.

      Hope you find it!
      Hope awesome things come of your crisis!
      Love to you and the mister!


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