Quote of the Week: Excess

Seems almost too fitting for the day after St. Patty's, doesn't it? I'll be honest, the greenery in the photograph was merely a coincidence and the excess I'm referring to has less to do with hangovers and more to do with crying wallets. Though, to be fair, the former is usually caused by lots of liquor, which causes the latter.

But, seriously, I don't drink. My Asian genes or lack of enzymes or whatever people say about my race is full-fledged and I really don't have the time, energy, or bank account to try to push myself to build a tolerance. I'm much more entertaining and fun when I'm not passed out in a corner...after half a beer.

So, what excess am I referring to? Excess in life. Seeing something, saying I deserve it...and then purchasing it or taking time out of my day to do it. Some things make sense. Investing in good skincare products falls under this category. Groceries, dog food, birthday gifts for friends and family, lying down if I feel exhausted...these also are in this category.

Other things don't make as much sense. Two pairs of the same shoes (because they were on sale and I know I'll wear one pair to death), buying practical flats and a statement necklace (because I had a coupon and the deal was too good), or getting another jumpsuit (because I'm trying to change my sartorial course), eating too many desserts over the course of three days.

At the end of the day, I'm not spending a ton of money, but I've been spending more than I usually do. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's my new haircut. Maybe it's in the name of fun...but I always think back to when I was living in New York. It was my 29th birthday and I had a massive get-together with friends. One friend bought me a psychic reading and this woman came and sat with me.

It was a tough time in my life. I was a penny-pincher and stressed about where I was going or what I was doing. I didn't allow myself to make many purchases and life was decidedly a bit boring because I refused to go out (a.k.a spend money) to gain new experiences.

Before I said a thing, the psychic turned to me and said, "you need to stop worrying about money. Just live your life, do what you love, and things will work out!"

After that, not-Husband-yet Charles & I ended our long-distance relationship because I couldn't deal with the constant break-up-get-together cycle. I left my job and found a better one. I moved into a beautiful apartment with a long-time friend. A two-story penthouse overlooking the Hudson...and, ya know what? Things did work out. I stopped worrying and started living and said "YES" to the opportunities that came my way.

One year later, almost-Husband Charles and I were engaged, I had moved out to Los Angeles and we had started a life together. We got a dog, I found a network of wonderful friends, and found myself involved with more projects than I knew what to do with.

Mind you, I still have my bad days. This is by no means me stating that I have a perfect life...but I wouldn't have this life if I hadn't been a bit excessive and lived the life I dreamed.

So, to everyone who's a little scared to let go...who's unsure of where they're going or what will happen if they spend an extra few bucks to go to the museum instead of penny pinch and watch TV. Who might be afraid to get out of their crappy relationship or get that pair of shoes that will put an extra spring in their step. I'm not telling you to go out and buy a yacht, but I say, go out there and take a chance. Live your life a little excessively (this doesn't mean stupidly) and see what comes of it. When you treat yourself a little, life has a way of surprising you!

And on that note, have a great Monday and a fantastic week! xo!

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