Quote of the Week: Crossing the Sea

We all get that much to do, so little time. I've gotten so much better about procrastinating, but I'm still without my weaknesses. Any creative endeavor seems to hold me in a death grip of anxiety with the main fear being "what if I don't like what I create?"

Seriously though, that's a lame excuse. Nothing you create, especially in this day and age, is permanent. You can edit almost anything or redo it - though one should be cautious about haircuts. Even with this logic so plainly in view, it gets hard to do things outside of the daily routine. And even if it's part of your daily routine, if it's something you've set your sights on doing, it can be challenging - no, I'm not talking about keeping up a blog. I don't now what you're talking about!

Oh, wait, that's totally one of the things I'm talking about.

Don't think that every blog post I write just comes flowing out of me like a falsetto flourish flows out of Barry Gibb. Nope. There are many a post that I read and re-read. That I write and then walk away from and then come back to read and hate and edit and then leave alone. Sometimes, I'll write something, hate it, and then post it anyway because I allow myself to say that I'm just being overcritical and silly.

Sometimes it's not just about quality. Sometimes it's about quantity. You have to keep producing content if you want to be creative. You need to allow yourself to hate things, but create them anyway and then keep striving to make things better...and you can't do this for anyone else. You have to do it for yourself.

This week's quote is a response to the fact that I feel like I've watched way too many episodes of Shahs of Sunset this past weekend instead of getting on with what needs to get done. To be totally honest, I've been sitting on a bunch of projects that I need to work on...and I know for a fact that once I start working on them, things will start coming easier. It's just about starting these projects...not sitting around contemplating them or what might happen to them.

When it comes to creative content, you can't phone it in. You need to get on it and make things happen. With that said, I'm going to do my best not to make a full-time job, a business trip smack dab in the middle of the week, and my mother-in-law coming to town an excuse for not getting things going on my newer projects - even though, as you can see, by creating that list, I've already started making excuses. I said I would do my best!

So, here's to crossing the sea instead of just staring at the water. Do you have a creative goal this week? If so, cheers and good luck! Getting started is the hardest part! xo!

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