Oh, It's Just Me, Swaggy McSwaggerson

Did I ever tell you about my dream of becoming an eccentric, old lady? I'm talking shockingly white hair, massive, thick-rimmed glasses, bright, red lips, structural clothing, and tons of arm & hand swag. You know, the type of woman who says outrageous things and can get away with peacock-themed caftans. So, to further my winding path to old-age-fabulousness, I've been getting really into rings and bracelets as of late.

Let's face it. Nothing is as definitive as a finger, wrapped in a ram head, pointing at something and nothing is as magical as the sound of bracelets clinking together while an arm makes a sweeping gesture. Add to this a pointy-nailed, dragon-lady-esque manicure and I think it's safe to say that I'm on the next train to old-lady-ville...this particular train has a reputation of being exceptionally slow, by the way, but I'm on my way there nonetheless.

What is it that I love about statement jewelry aside from the obvious nod to mature style? Well, among many things, rings and bracelets fall under the category of accessory. You know what's great about accessories? You can wear them all day, every day and no one will bat an eye. Try wearing your favorite shirt all day, everyday. It's not gonna fly and someone is bound to make a laundry joke if you don't disgust yourself before that. Not like rings and bracelets (or necklaces, sunglasses, hats, shoes, or cufflinks.) So, yes, they allow me to indulge in something I love all the time without any societal judging or dire need of laundering. Though, to be fair, one should polish jewelry that needs to be polished occasionally.

A few rules I've made for myself thus far:

  • Never enough hand & arm swag - if there's real estate, pack it in
  • The secret to wearing gold & silver together: Silver Wrists/Gold Hands - Gold Wrists/Silver Hands
  • Animal-themed swag is always a winning choice
  • Manicures can take your swag to a swaggier place
  • Bling - sparkly stuff - in moderation (for now. When I'm older, I think I can pull off the dripping-in-diamonds look without channeling a 10 year old clad in costume jewelry.)
  • Keep your outfit simple

So, where did this all come from? From the fact that I found myself going back to basics in the wardrobe department recently. I've been hung up more on quality materials and construction than patterns or colors. What I'm left with is an array of very simple looks...which, lucky for me, are great canvases for hand & arm swag. So, the plan is to keep going.

I've got my eye on another new ring anyway, so might as well move forward with it, right? Oh, the joys of weighing my hands and arms down with swag.
Do you have an accessory obsession at the moment? If so, would love to hear about it. If you see anything that you recommend for any of my open real estate in the photo, be sure to send it along!
Honorary eccentric old lady, signing off! Have a great Wednesday! xo!

Dedicated to: My girl, Ally! Hand swag for lyfe!

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