My Mane Man

We've all set out on the journey. Some of us are still on it. Some have come out on top. Others are still struggling in search. You may be thinking I'm talking about life...and, sure, you can definitely look at life this way, but I'm actually referring to something really serious. Something monumental in every person's life. The day you meet your hairstylist.

I'm a loyal person by nature, so it's no surprise that I would be the same way when it comes to my hair. I spent 16+ years with the same hairstylist when I lived on the east coast. (Shout out to Fumi-san!) She saw me through short hair, long hair, bobs, bangs, color...everything. She saw me go from a kid to an adult. She always knew exactly what worked on me and helped me cultivate a reputation for having stellar hair 95% of the time. (The same couldn't be said for my fashion sense, but I grew out of the oversized jeans and vintage polyester. THANK G-D.)

After moving to the west coast, I really struggled for a long time to find the right person...and then, after 4 or 5 disappointing experiences, I met Charles Fox.

This is Charles Fox...if it wasn't obvious.

Fate led us to each other. A badly scheduled appointment with another stylist and an open slot in Charles' scheduled made it all happen one summer afternoon. Trained at the Vidal Academy, I knew he was the guy to go to. I was sick of all these shattered hairstyles. I was sick of a lack of precision and strong lines. I wanted some drama. So, I turned to him.

Fast forward several months. Charles managed to help me grow my hair from short cut to short bob to long bob without any real awkward stages. If you must know, I'm growing it to donate it. In a few years, I plan on lopping all of it off in one fell swoop and I can't wait

Moving on with the story, I suddenly realized that it had almost been 3 months and my hair had become a featureless curtain around my face. I needed something to give it shape and to allow me to wear it down without being bored. I mean, I love crimping, but I don't always have Husband Charles around to help me crimp the back of my head. AND the last thing I wanted to rock was "cool mom on-the-go" hair, which my unattended tresses were slowly turning in to. (Thanks to my girl, Kristin, for coining that new phrase.)

Cut to me making an appointment and having the day finally arrive...and, really, not a minute too soon. The day of the haircut I was wearing a beanie, if that doesn't tell you where my head was at - PUN. I walked into Goodhead in Echo Park, where Charles is now working, sat down and told him what I was thinking. Blunt ends, geometric lines, symmetry, sleekness with layering. All kinds of things that, when combined, pose a challenge to a stylist - I know this because I used to be one. However, Charles never turns me away and he always...always delivers.

I walked into the salon looking like a hot mess. An hour and a half later - and this included one of his amazing head massagey shampoos and a lot of laughs - he gave me this haircut.

I am pleased.

He somehow managed to take my volume-less crown, give it lift by layering without compromising sleekness, gave me dramatic blunt ends and statement bangs, and created the most luxurious style I've had in a long time. Hello, Anjelica Huston circa 1960's! This is one of those haircuts that sways when you walk and blinds people with its shine. It's pretty obvious I'm pleased.

Just wanted to show my hairstylist some love for the amazing work he's done and continues to do. So, if you're in LA or are heading to LA and need a haircut, Mr. Fox comes highly recommended by yours truly. If you have a wonderful stylist, congratulations on the successful completion of your "journey" and I hope you're having an amazing hair day! Now, off to walk around and turn my head dramatically at things for no reason. With a cut like this, my whole life has just magically become a haircare commercial.

Happy Friday! xo!


  1. Nami, I love this hair cut! It is adorable. I tried to rock it in the 2nd grade and it worked, but not as well as it works on you now! Very cute!

    1. Awww, thanks, Leah!

      I must say, it's definitely a nice change and a life-saver since I've been dealing with awkward "growing it out" hair.
      I bet you could totally rock it!
      Though, to be fair, I love your look now, so I'm saying "don't change it"...for selfish reasons. ;)