I'm Enthusiastic About: Nature (at the Huntington Library)

I've always appreciated nature. Maybe it's the Shintoist in me, but nothing brings me more joy and rejuvenates me more than a hike through a forest, a long walk on a beach, laying under a tree on a breezy afternoon, or getting intoxicated on the smell of freshly bloomed lilacs.

So, it comes as no surprise that I've just renewed my membership for the 3rd time to the Huntington Library in San Marino. Why the sudden enthusiasm? Well, it's not all that sudden, actually. I've always been a fan of the place, but realized this past Sunday while I was strolling through it that I needed to share this gem with everyone.

If you live around the area, you need to go. It has everything from various gardens (desert, palm, sub-tropical, rose, Japanese, Chinese, Australian, etc.) to bamboo forests and lily ponds to an impressive library and art collection. It's the best place to go with a book or with a good conversationalist. You can sit on one of the grand lawns under the shade of a tree for a chat or a nap, sit on a bench and admire a garden, stroll the latest art exhibit, ogle impressive original manuscripts, rare books, and the can even have high tea in the tea room near the rose garden. (I suggest making a reservation if that's your plan.)

Anyway, I went this past Sunday with a book, a camera, and two great conversationalists (Husband Charles and Mom-in-Law Tracy.) It was perfect. Not too hot. Not too cold. Sunny, breezy, and not too crowded. Spring is in the air and flowers are starting to pop up here and there. So, I wanted to share a little slice of this heavenly place with you...

Surprised that I'm enthusiastic? Probably not. I urge anyone who can to go and enjoy this place. It has so much to offer! Did I mention they also offer lectures and classes too? In short, this place is heaven on Earth. All it's missing are a bunch of angels with harps and haphazardly placed tables of cake...that never go empty.

Gentleman, this place is sure to impress your first date. Ladies, take your man to have a romantic stroll that's not so romantic that it'll have him running for the hills. Singles that can't be bothered, grab your book and head over for some serious rejuvenation. This is place is for everyone.

As for membership, it seems expensive at first ($120/year), but this membership is for two people and means you can go whenever you want as long as they're open. Let me put things into perspective for you. Regular admission for an adult is $20 on the weekdays and $23 on the weekends. With two people, that turns into $40 or $46. Do you see where I'm going with this? Visit this place 4 weekdays or 3 weekends in one year and it's paid for itself. So, basically, it's dumb not to get a membership. There are also other perks, but you can read all about it here.

Sorry if my enthusiasm is getting out of hand. I just re-read some of this and realize I'm sounding like a car salesman in a few parts, but I just really love this place so much and am totally up for supporting it. So, enough of my banter. If you can go, give it a try (maybe this weekend) and let me now what you think.

And if you have any suggestions on nature-centric locations near LA that I should check out, shoot them my way. I'm all about it and would love to go poke around more places! In the meantime, maybe we'll bump into each other at the Huntington some time! xo!


  1. Have you been to the L.A. Arboretum in Arcadia??

    That's a must for nature in this city. Wild peacocks!

    Plus, quite a bit cheaper than Huntington.

    1. Whaaaa?! OMG, I didn't even know that existed!
      Mind explosion!
      I have a mild peacock obsession (not unlike my flamingo obsession.)
      Will have to check this out!

      Thanks for the suggestions, Grete!!!!


  2. Totally! & if you want company when you go... I haven't been in a while & would love to try out my new camera lens ;)

    1. It'd be nice to see your face too, lady!
      You can tell me all about the madness of education & being educated.

      Will keep you posted on my schedule!

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