How to Get Famous: Thoughts About the Internet

Ok, so, we've seen it time and time again. People do silly things and become famous in a matter of days ...sometimes hours. People who, before publicly sharing something idiotic they did with the world that might get them a Darwin award, were nobodies. (Obviously, everyone is somebody to someone, but you get what I'm saying)...Perhaps you know of a few (if not a hundred) of these cases as photos, stories, and videos go viral every day.

These people will appear on television, amass thousands of fans on Facebook, and collect supporters all over the world.

As someone working in social media and someone who blogs frequently to try to impart practical knowledge and deliver a laugh or two to everyone, these kinds of happenings create a great deal of mixed emotion in my writer/blogger/social media soul.

This phenomenon happened pretty recently and I was, initially, appalled and annoyed at society at large. I thought, "people are saying this person should be proud of posting their video...that this person is brave for doing so." And my heart quickly turned to those folks out there saving lives every day. Soldiers, doctors...people making a difference like teachers and philanthropists. People who are brave. People who should be proud.

And for a split second, I felt I was better off taking the next rocket to the moon and starting things anew there. That this was a society that I was afraid of being involved with.

Then I checked my judgey brain and left my angsty teenage artist at the door.

Ya know what? I actually watch a lot of these videos and my initial reaction is usually "that was bananas!" And I laugh and am impressed by these young adults who don't lose their shit on camera (ok, some do...because that's the point of their video...and it's usually uploaded by a vindictive younger sibling.) What am I getting at? I enjoy these videos.

I will happily credit people for being a source of a good laugh, which is something I very much appreciate. I will also credit these individuals for seeing the humor in their mishap and sharing it with everyone. 

Granted, if these insta-celebs continue to be shot higher and higher into fame based on a single, idiotic (sorry, but it's kind of true) video alone - perhaps a record deal or autobiography or a clothing line pops up - , I might actually move to the the meantime, however, I say "good on ya." How do you feel about people becoming celebrities overnight for things like this? Curious to get people's opinions on Internet popularity and other similar phenomenons.

Perhaps it's time I created a make-up tutorial...where I pull all my eyelashes out with my lash curler or wax an entire eyebrow off. Sounds like a plan. Let's do it! Who's with me?!

Ha. Gotcha! You wish! (Thank you, Photoshop!) xo!


  1. This was hilarious. Thanks for sharing..laughing out loud.

    1. Ahhhh, nothing I love more than making people laugh.
      Happy Friday, Tina!