H2(Wh)O(a): A Tale of Water

I have a confession to make...

I dislike drinking water.

Yep. It's true! Give me a glass of water and the only time I'll usually drink it is if I'm at dinner, everyone is having an alcoholic drink, and the waiter hasn't been by in a while. More of a nervous habit than a conscious effort to stay hydrated. However, if you leave me to my own devices, you'll often see me go long stretches at a time without ingesting a single drop of anything. In short, I have no right to complain about headaches or my skin feeling shriveled. It's my own damn fault.

Then seltzer happened. I became a fanatic about Pellegrino with limes. No limes and I was outta luck. Bubbly water without a hint of citrus left me decidedly bored and suddenly not in need of hydration. Then orange seltzer happened...and then orange seltzer with orange juice.

The fact of the matter is, I could never drink plain water and seltzer didn't seem to be helping me as much as I was hoping in the hydration department. Rumor has it that seltzer can be pretty acidic, but I haven't really done much research.

There was always that old adage of "you need to drink 8 glasses of water a day." Um. I'm small...and 8 glasses of water? That's a lot of water and I really hate sloshy stomach. You know what I'm talking about! That feeling you get when there's too much liquid in your belly...that swishing feeling. Not cool.

Desperate to find out the truth, I finally did some poking around to see how much water someone of my stature needed. Conveniently, I found a slew of water calculation widgets, charts, and other informational material online. I came up with roughly 40 fluid ounces per day (not counting days I actually work out...which are fewer and farther between than I'd like.) I'm not counting foods that may provide me with more water and other beverages at this point since, actually, I should be taking in slightly more water.

So, I'm saying 40 fluid ounces of plain water. Ugh.

Cut to me getting ahold of a large number of 20 oz bottles of Smartwater. I've tried all different types of water, but for one reason or another, I always go back to Smartwater. It's the bottle I purchase before boarding a flight and that is very telling. There are few things I take with me on flights. It must be the electrolytes or their distilling process. I can't say for sure, but it tastes oh-so slightly sweeter than normal water. Anyway, I'm going off on a tangent...back to the story...

So, according to my very serious and scientifically complicated calculations, I should be drinking two bottles a day. That was the plan...

And, surprisingly, I stuck with it...and here I am, several weeks later to talk about the results.

One word:

I know this is nothing new, but let me talk about all the things that started happening over the course of these few weeks...
  • Facial skin texture completely changes - no more roughness
  • Pores clear up
  • Face has an inner glow and oil production seems to decrease
  • Skin is plumper all around
  • Neck and décolletage skin significantly smoother
  • Eyes clearer, whites of eyes whiter
  • Sleeping better
  • Waking easier
  • Digestion is amazingly regular
  • Headaches no more
  • Better mood
  • I hear it helps you stay slim - my face does feel less bloated in the this because of the water? Hard to say.
One minor annoyance: I go to the bathroom so much more...
To counter my one minor annoyance: At least I won't be getting kidney stones anytime soon! (To be fair, I've never gotten a kidney stone, but I hear they're HORRIBLE.)

So, there ya have it. Not the newest innovation. Nothing incredibly surprising, but for someone who disliked drinking water for so long, this is a whole new experience. I know, I know...I'm sure you're saying, "took you long enough!"

...but to those of us who rather sip a latte than a tall glass of H2O, time to make some room for the nectar of the Gods and say hello to a whole new world of amazing. Cheers to water! xo!

How much water do you drink each day?

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