Getting in Tatcha with Your Inner Geisha (A Skincare Review)

Once upon a time, during Fall 2013 Fashion Week in New York City, over a gluttonous lunch of grilled chicken paninis and sweet potato fries doused in buckets of chipotle mayonnaise, my dear friend, Tyler, told me about a skincare line called Tatcha. He went on about how it was based off of the secrets of geishas in ancient Japan and how the products worked miracles.

Tyler is one of those men who has immaculate skin that glows, so of course I'm going to listen to him with bated breath. And being of Japanese descent, I had a feeling that the geishas and I were working with the same type of skin, so I was doubly intrigued. On top of that, after eating so much panini and ingesting so much chipotle mayo, my skin was feeling greasy and in need of some brightening.

Upon my return to Los Angeles, I went ahead and ordered their sampler set, which is such a great idea. Enough product to last a few days to really test it out. This is what it looks like:

You can order it here for $50 USD.
It came with:
  • Pure Camelia One Step Cleansing Oil
  • Polished Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder (3 packets)
  • Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder (3 packets)
  • Polished Deep Rice Enzyme Powder (3 packets)
  • Radiant Deep Brightening Serum
  • Supple Moisture Rich Silk Cream
  • Petal Fresh Original Japanese Beauty Papers (30 sheets) - essentially blotting papers
The package arrived, beautifully laid out, and with it, a handwritten note which I really appreciated. Touches like this can make all the difference. Not only was there a handwritten note, but also a code for 15% off my next full-sized purchase. Well played, Tatcha. Well played.

Naturally, I wanted to use it right away because I have absolutely no patience when it comes to things of this nature. I'm the woman who rips the tags off of new clothing items right after I get home and throws the lipstick color she just bought on right after getting in the car post-purchase.

It's worth noting that these products don't contain any parabens, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, sulfate detergents, urea, DEA, TEA, or phthalates.

As I'm known to do, I went ahead and used the products daily for one full week before forming my opinions. So, let's go product by product, shall we? (Links to each item are in their captions!)

One Step Camelia Cleansing Oil

Usage: Night Time - Every Day
A cleanser and a make-up remover in one? Sign me up!
The minute I applied this oil to my face (you apply to a dry face with dry hands), my make-up started to melt away - yes, my stubborn waterproof everything included. I massaged it into my skin and it felt amazing! Once you're done, just add warm water to rinse. The oil turns milky and washes away!

The Bottom Line: At first I thought, "oh, another oil-based make-up remover. Whatever." But the minute the oil hit warm water, I knew something was different. It immediately washed away and my skin was left feeling like a baby's butt. Seriously. It was that soft AND not the least bit oily at all. Color me impressed! My skin felt supple and refreshed and it was actually glowing.

But, wait, I wanted to go through the whole routine (there's a routine!), so I went on to the next product...

Classic Rice Enzyme Powder

Usage: Day & Night - Every Day
Gentle enough to use both day and night, this product uses the mighty powers of rice (small, but fierce) in helping you obtain the skin of the gods. It exfoliates without harsh abrasives and leaves your skin looking like polished porcelain...and feeling even more like a baby's butt, if you can believe it.

The Bottom Line
I tapped a small amount of the powder into the palm of my hand (I found, at least with the sample set, I could use half a packet at a time), added water, and created a rich foam. Once I started applying it to my face, I could feel my skin smoothing. The exfoliation happens thanks to enzymes (rice bran, papaya & HADASEI-3 Bioactive Complex to be more specific.) What is HADASEI-3 Bioactive Complex? I, personally, had no idea at first! Learn more about it here.

I found that the Gentle version of this powder works well for day and night, but I ended up going with the classic version (link in the caption above) for use only at night. For me, personally, I don't need to exfoliate twice a day, though the powder is totally gentle enough to do so. It's just personal preference. My skin has been super happy & well-exfoliated without any irritation with usage just in the evenings. I feel like my skin's texture has improved over the course of, now, about two weeks. Especially around my mouth and nose.

So, what happens after the exfoliation?

Deep Brightening Serum

Usage: Night - Every Day
Have you ever applied a product and felt like your skin has been waiting for it its entire life (which, I supposed would be your entire life...because your skin probably didn't live before your existence...going off track here)? This was definitely the feeling I got with this serum.

The Bottom Line:
As a woman who was brought up by an Japanese mom who was very concerned about skincare, obtaining a bright complexion became a thing. "Bright" doesn't mean whiter. It has to do with that look like your skin is glowing from the inside out. That thing that children distinctly have without trying.

Well, I have to say that I think this serum might be helping. I won't say that I had a haggard complexion prior to using this serum, but a 10 year old's complexion it was not. I'm not at 10 year old status just yet, but I sense that my skin tone is starting to even out (sides of my nose and corners of my mouth seem to have lightened a bit) and my overall glowiness has upped slightly.

On top of all of this, the texture of the serum is baffling. When you apply it, there's no greasiness. No oiliness at all. I can only describe it as silky and then your skin just sucks it up. Slurp! Gone. Done. Your skin is happy as a clam.

I can only assume with continued use, I should see better results.

And now the last step...

Moisture Rich Silk Cream

Usage: Night - Every Day
OMG. Love. The word "love" can't even fully express how my skin feels about this moisturizer. It's the most silky, luxurious cream my face has ever encountered. This is basically caviar for your face. The ingredients include silk, squalane, royal jelly, & HADASEI-3 Bioactive Complex. In short, this is fancy pants cream.

The Bottom Line:
When you first scoop a pearl-sized dollop of this cream onto your fingertip, you think, "this looks heavy." Well, let me tell you something. There's some voodoo magic in this product, because the minute I dotted that pearl-sized dollop on my face and began to spread it around it went practically weightless!

The texture of the cream, much like the serum, was silky. It spread easily and hydrated like I had just drank three bottles of water. My skin looks visibly more plump and hydrated just after applying and you don't even need much! I'm astounded and, as said earlier, totally in love.

So, what's the entire ritual like?
Check it out:

I'll be totally honest with you. The set isn't cheap, but it's cheaper than buying the individual products and the ritual of the 4 products together seems to yield the best results. I ended up splurging on the set for normal/combination skin and, as said, use it at night. I like the feeling of having these products do their magic while I sleep. (Added bonus, I got 15% off thanks to the code I got with my sampler purchase.)

So far, my skin is feeling much more hydrated, my pores are looking a little smaller, my skin texture is much more even, and I'm definitely noticing brightness overall...and the plus about the sample set? I can totally use it when I travel! Yay for mini-bottles!

And there ya have it. My complete review of the Tatcha products I've tried so far. I haven't used the oil blotting sheets yet since I'm still working on finishing my current pack, but I'll let you know how those go when I get around to them. (sidenote: my life would be a shiny, greasy, horrible mess were it not for blotting papers, so I blow through them quickly.)

Also, might be worth noting that this review was not sponsored in any way. I stumbled upon these products thanks to my friend, Tyler, and ventured on this journey on my own. No free products, no payment. Just the hard truth...and that truth is that I love these products. They've got the magic Tatcha. (Ooooooooh! A pun finale! You know you love it.)


  1. Hey Nami,
    Great find! I've been using Tatcha for several weeks now and can't believe how much its transformed my skin. I especially like the rice powder thing. Amazing. I haven't tried the serum, but from you review, it looks like I need to fast!


    1. Tinaaaaa,

      OMG, the rice powder is soooo good.
      So, it's totally worth it, right?

      I feel like if you're gonna splurge on anything, it should be skin products.
      I mean, great skin looks good in anything from a couture dress to a burlap sack.
      It's the best accessory. :)

      If you try the serum, lemme know what you think!
      I'd be curious to hear your thoughts.


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