A Cut Above: On Going Short for Spring

All this talk about haircuts! Well, for those of you who don't know, I used to be a licensed cosmetologist in NYC many moons ago and still give my friends cuts from time to time. And with the spring knocking at our door and me already freshly trimmed, I began to set my sights on a few of my friends.

My shears were antsy for a new frontier...or a frontier it hadn't laid its sharp edges on in a while.

Enter Kristin. I've mentioned Kristin several times in the past. A friend and wildly talented of those girls who has life together and she's only in her mid-20's. Good gravy! When I was her age, I lived in a windowless apartment in Brooklyn and was suffering from depression, likely caused by a complete lack of sunlight. (Duh.) Anyway, I'm digressing. Kristin is a spritely, young woman, newly married, and all about taking risks. She's been working on getting her blog together too, so stay tuned!

Now, where was I? Ah, yes. So, Kristin has delicate features and big eyes with looooong lashes and has discussed the idea of going short many a time. She also happens to have a husband who was very supportive of the idea. (Go, Dave!) So, of course, I was going to jump on the opportunity. And this was the result!

I remember the moment I gave her her glasses back to take a look. I heard a sound I hadn't heard in a long time. I can't really recreated it through text, but it translates to, "OMG, this is what I was always supposed to look like! I finally feel like myself!" Indeed, cutting off all that hair uncovered the gorgeous, hepburn-esque girl you see before you. Now you can really see her lovely features. Her face has nowhere to hide and that's fine, because it's beautiful! Makes me want to plop her on a vespa and drive her around Rome. (Roman Holiday reference for those who aren't aware.)

And one of the best things about this cut? It's works with her natural hair texture, which was straightened when her hair was long. So, her styling time has been minimized to 0 and her pretty, soft waves and cowlick are now designed to take advantage of the situation. She can literally jump out of the shower and go if she wants to. Who says short hair takes more time to style? Psh. Lies.

I can't tell you how much I love cutting long hair off, especially when I know how wonderful the final product will be. I think I've made a short-hair-for-life girl outta Kristin, so hallelujah for that! I can't see why she would ever want to have long hair again!

So, now that I'm freshly shorn and she is too, you better watch out or I might come at you with a pair of shears and uncover something magical, just in time for the new season! Do you have any follicular plans for spring? I'd love to know about them and if you plan on going short and are feeling uneasy, read this little diddy from a 1988 US Vogue article and feel good about your decision!

Cheers to Kristin and her hair, the upcoming spring, and all the adventures that await us with these longer days and warmer nights! I'm sooooo ready! Aren't you? xo!


  1. OMG, she looks awesome like that. I love the hair. Wish I could pull it off but my hair is way too stick straight. xoxo

    1. Girl, there is a short haircut for every woman!
      I used to have my hair super short and I have stick straight hair too!
      Bet you'd look gorgeous (though, your already gorgeous so there's that.)


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