The Kudu That You Do!

Ok, let's start by saying that I've always had a thing about animals with horns. Could be the Aries in me. (Shout-out to Michele Varian for providing me with some killer rams!) And, continuing on this horn-obsessed path, I've been fiending for more Kudus in my life. I want kudu everything!!! By the by, this is a kudu...and fate has wanted me to get my hands on some kudu-ness. They seem to be popping up everywhere I turn. (Including a disco mirrored kudu wall head - want, want, want, want, wefajd;lkasg.)

So, wasn't I pleasantly surprised (a.k.a having a crazy celebration of happiness very quietly) to stumble upon Tri Co one afternoon after having my weekly Umami Burger in Los Feliz. And that's where Husband Charles and I met the lovely Imogen and also fell in love with our respective rings. The ring of my dreams? A KUDU RING, of course! (C'mon. I set that up to be pretty obvious.)

Imogen reps The Great Frog (one of the three co's at Tri Co - get it? - you don't have to be a Latin wiz) who is currently testing the waters of LA before diving in to have a brick n' mortar of her (I'm going to assume companies are female, much like countries and ships) own on the west coast. They're legendary in London and already have a shop in NYC. Admittedly, I've become a bit of a Great Frog Groupie. (Husband Charles has also - he totally got a fleur de lis ring, which, might I add, he wears really well.)

A quick little note about them. They've been around since 1972, creating amazing rock n' roll jewelry over the years for clients like The Who, The Beatles, Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp, Kate Moss, Depeche Mode, The Rolling Stones, and more. (In short, Nami is crazy impressed.) And it's also worth noting that Imogen, at the Los Feliz shop, is super helpful and on top of her sh*t, which I really appreciate.

Sidenote: The most recent Great Frog news would be Kat Von D's insane engagement ring from DeadMau5. My friend, Melissa, showed me it on Instagram two days ago over coffee and I nearly fell off my chair. Admire it here...and here.

But I'm digressing. Back to my kudu ring!

So, yes, I'm head-over-horns (or horns-over-heels) in love! It's a companion for my ram ring, a little rock n' roll, a little old-lady-costume-jewelry (probably a Georgia O'Keefe-ian old lady), and a whole boatload of beautiful. This is the smallest of a series of kudu rings they offer and, though I'm quickly running out of real estate on my fingers, I'm keeping my eyes open for, perhaps, one more ring from them. We shall see. Maybe this one (if you must know, I have a thing for lions too.)

Now, you may be thinking that this sort of ring is just too much for your wardrobe, but I have news for you. (Ready for the news?) It's not. With everyone sporting statement jewelry these days, why not try something a little more interesting...something tougher. Not only will you accumulate a good amount of street cred, but you'll also have a traveling conversation piece. So, what are you waiting for? Go take that leap...with The Great Frog! (Now, that's a pun for the books! My cheesiness quotient has gone up several points.) xo!

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