Sunday Styles no. 20

You see it all over the place..."The Boyfriend [Fill-in-the-Blank]," playing up to that sexy idea that your significant other and you share clothing. (You know the scenario where you just had a passion-filled afternoon and you just grab his button down, throw it on and go out to have a cup of post-coital coffee with your awesome sex hair...yes, we all do that everyday, right? Mmmhmm.) Of course, we all know that there are often times sizing issues when it comes to ladies and their men...which is, I suppose, why the whole trend started in the first place.

...but here's the thing. I have a husband whose clothing I can wear (win!)...which is what I opted for this Sunday because I'm feeling a little lazy and casual. (No, we didn't have the scenario I just mentioned earlier. I'm still trying to digest my coffee so I'm awake enough to function as a human being.) Behold my "husband fit" t-shirt!

At the end of the day, "boyfriend fit" just means "a little bit bigger and possibly baggier" and I'm a fan. I'm a fan of things that hang off me a little bit. Tight clothing makes me slightly uncomfortable and also makes me question my ability to eat things - really, what is more tragic than wearing an outfit that doesn't allow you to eat? (The first thing I looked for in a wedding dress was a dress that would allow me to gorge myself on our amazing catering [hello, short ribs!] see where my priorities lay - I become a she-devil when I'm hungry.)

This Sunday is going to consist of naps, reading, maybe more than one trip to get a latte, and brunching (and with Husband Charles' t-shirt on, I can eat like a champ!) Sometimes, it's good to just laze about and let yourself relax. I don't do it enough. Sooo, off to do...nothing!

Hope you all have a fantastic Sunday full of naps and good food...and if you can't seem to relax, try putting on your other half's clothes and see if that helps! xo!

A Note About the Clothes: Rag & Bone Mens Square Pocket Tee (Can't find the black version, but here it is in white), Uniqlo Jeans, Dolce Vita Micky Loafer - no longer available, Vintage Dior Sunglasses - no longer available

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